Trinidad NGO Roundtable

Achieving Collective Impact for the East Port of Spain Thrive Initiative, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Dr. Franklin and Dr. Oti Esimaje

Founder of the The Esimaje Foundation in Port of Spain, Dr. Oti Esimaje, attended the ninth Nelson Chair Roundtable at Boston College in April 2016. At the event Dr. Esimaje learned about the Boston Promise Initiative, a federally funded, place-based initiative to create a community of opportunity in the neighborhoods of North Dorchester and Roxbury (Boston, MA). Dr. Esimaje and Dr. Franklin have since created a partnership to bring this model of change to the neighborhoods of East Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. The Trinidad NGO Roundtable took place on June 7-8, 2016 at the Trinidad & Tobago National Commission of UNESCO. The group included community stakeholders and NGO leaders, as well as representatives from the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of National Security's Citizen Security Program. The two-day program included discussions on coalition building, partner roles, and development of a common mission.

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Dr. Franklin photo

Promoting the NGO Roundtable

To promote the NGO Roundtable and create awareness, Dr. Franklin and Dr. Oti Esimaje appeared on a television interview with Trinidad's TV6 Morning Edition.  They also spoke with W107.1's Jamie Thomas on THE RUSH and with i95.5's Darian Marcelle on Afternoon Drive.

NGO Roundtable Group Photo