Florida Children's Initiative Colloquium

Featuring guest speakers from Parramore Kidz Zone, New Town Success Zone, and Miami Children's Initiative, Inc.

FCI Colloquium photos

A colloquium featuring three key leaders in Florida children's initiatves took place on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida.  The panel presenters, moderated by Dr. Anderson J. Franklin, included Lisa Early, Director of Parramore Kidz Zone in Orlando, FL; Dr. Irvin PeDro Cohen, Executive Director of New Town Success Zone in Jacksonville, FL; and Cecilia Gutierrez-Abety, Executive Director of the Miami Children’s Initiative, Inc. in Miami, FL.

Each panelist introduced their coalition within the framework of the Harlem Children’s Zone model, which follows a cradle to career pathway. Throughout the colloquium the panelists shared some of the struggles they faced when engaging with community work, the rewards of the work, and provided suggestions for how the Overtown Children & Youth Coalition (OCYC) of Overtown Miami could adopt a similar model. Visit our 2015 Miami Roundtable page to learn more about this year's event in partnership with the OCYC.