Meet the Staff

Photo of Dr. Anderson J. Franklin

Dr. Anderson J. Franklin

Dr. Anderson J. Franklin has held the position since 2007. Dr. Franklin's interests focus on afterschool educational and socio-emotional factors impacting the development of children and youth, as well as studying resilience and psychological well-being in African Americans. His research is guided by developing his theory of the “invisibility syndrome” in Black males. Dr. Franklin established, and is Director of the Nelson Chair Roundtable. It promotes place-based university-community coalition building among public and private organizations toward achieving collective impact of wrap-around Out-of-School-Time (OST) services to families and children in underserved communities nationally and internationally. He lectures and consults with a variety of domestic and international organizations on diversity issues. He is co-author with Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin of Boys Into Men: Raising our African American Teenage Sons, published by Dutton/Plume. His last book is From Brotherhood to Manhood: How Black Men Rescue Their Relationships and Dreams From the Invisibility Syndrome by John Wiley & Sons, which was placed on Essence magazine best sellers list.

Photo of Carolyn Looker

Carolyn Looker, Administrative Assistant

Carolyn joined the Office of the Nelson Professional Chair in July 2014. As the Assistant to Dr. Franklin, she plays an active role in coordinating Nelson Chair meetings and assisting Dr. Franklin with his research and publications. Carolyn serves as the primary liaison and project manager for the annual Nelson Chair Roundtable. Previously Carolyn worked in Boston College’s Office of International Programs as the Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to the Director. She received her B.A. in Humanities from Providence College, with concentrations in art history and the Spanish language. Carolyn is currently pursuing an M.A. in Higher Education from Boston College's Lynch School of Education and Human Development.

Office location: Campion Hall, Room 309

Tel: +1 (617) 552-4572


Research Team

Photo of Amanda Weber

Amanda Weber

Amanda Weber is a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at Boston College. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Alma College and her M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University. Amanda joined the Nelson Chair team in fall 2015. Her current research interests include White racial identity development, ethnoviolence, racial trauma, and the opportunity gap.

Photo of Kahlil DuPerry

Kahlil DuPerry

Kahlil DuPerry is a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program at Boston College. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan. Kahlil joined the Nelson Chair team in fall of 2016. His research interests include minority racial identity development, the intersectionality of identities, and identity through life transitions.



Past Members

  • Kimberly Ashby
  • Meghan Blattner
  • Lindsay Buckner
  • Maggie Chen
  • Na-Yeun Choi
  • Kelly College
  • Dana Collins
  • Craig DiGiovanni
  • Christina Douyon
  • Shea Fedigan
  • Rachel Hoogasian
  • Sasha Landman
  • Hammad N'cho
  • Tim Quinones
  • Renata Schloss
  • Eva Wilson