The aim of this course is to support teachers in developing an understanding of SFL theory, including SF grammar, the notion of text and context, register and genre theory, and their relevance for educational linguistics.

Key topics will include the emergence of SFL theory, from the 1960s onwards, the emergence of the functional grammar and associated theories of text and context, the metafunctions, using the grammar for discourse analytic purposes, the differences between speech and writing, and the challenges of learning to write.

Each day will include a one-hour lecture followed by a workshop.  The first day will cover the model of functional grammar, definitions of function, system, and text, a review of field, tenor, and mode, the notion of context and text, why register theory, and how experiential and logical metafunctions are realized in the grammar.  The second day will cover tenor, mode, the interpersonal and textual metafunctions, the realization of tenor and mode in text, and the advantages and challenges presented by the metafunctions.  The third day will cover the purposes and differences, including grammatical differences, between speech and writing, how to recognize and use grammatical metaphor in writing, and the use of functional grammar in tracing the developmental trajectory of literacy learning from childhood to adolescence.

Maximum participants: 25

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