Reading to Learn: David Rose and Andres Ramirez

This course is designed for teachers and teacher educators, as R2L is both a classroom methodology and an international teacher professional learning program. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of linguistics or language teaching. Instead, new knowledge about language and language pedagogy are embedded in a series of practical activities that introduce the teaching strategies. The first session covers strategies for reading factual texts, collecting information as notes, and using notes to write new texts. The second session introduces strategies for engaging learners in narrative and persuasive texts, and using the narrative and persuasive strategies of accomplished authors in their writing. The third session practices strategies for guiding all students in a class to read challenging texts in depth and detail, to recognize sophisticated language features, and to borrow these language features into their writing.

The R2L principles and strategies will be presented by David Rose. Andrés Ramirez will present multilingual perspectives on the methodology.

Maximum participants: 60


Recommended readings:

These readings may be downloaded at

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