Fifth Year & Early Admission

Available to Boston College Juniors

The Fifth Year and Early Admission Programs offer academically outstanding Boston College juniors a unique opportunity to begin graduate study during their undergraduate senior year, allowing them to graduate with a bachelor’s and master's degree in a shortened amount of time. Students accepted in the Fifth Year/Early Admit program will be able to apply two approved graduate courses (6 credits) towards both their bachelor's degree (120 credits) and their master's degree (30 credits or more). In consultation with an advisor, a graduate level course may be added each semester onto the student's senior-year schedule. All undergraduate juniors in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Connell School of Nursing, and Carroll School of Management are eligible to apply for these programs.

Fifth Year Programs are available in:

Early Admit Programs are available in:

Given the number of credits required for licensing in Mental Health and School Counseling, both Early Admission Program and students admitted directly into the M.A. programs typically need six years to complete their B.A. and license-eligible M.A. Mental Health degree (60 credits) or School Counseling (48 credits). The main advantages of the Early Admit Program are (1) BC juniors receive early provisional admittance into these M.A. programs, and (2) complete two master's-level courses during senior year.

Students interested in a Fifth Year or Early Admission Program should consult with the Lynch School Graduate Admissions Office, located in Campion 135, during the fall semester of their junior year. Without proper advisement and early acceptance into a master's degree program, students will be unable to complete the program in five years.

Students who have completed some psychology-related coursework, have at least a 3.5 GPA, and have completed some type of practical, field-based or helping experience (e.g., residential advisor, camp counselor, hotline operator, youth worker, etc.), either volunteer or paid, are strong candidates for this program.

Application Process

  • Students must apply by March 1 of their junior year
  • Applicants must meet all standard graduate admission requirements for their program of interest
  • The application fee and GRE requirement are waived for applicants to the Fifth Year and Early Admit Programs
  • Notification of approval to begin the program is typically made in May by the Office of Graduate Admission
  • If an applicant is not offered admission into the program, they are welcome to re-apply to the master's program upon completion of their undergraduate degree

Full Graduate Student Status

Upon successful graduation from the undergraduate program, Fifth Year and Early Admit students will be advanced to full graduate student status if they have maintained good academic standing (including a 3.5 or higher in their two graduate courses). Early admit students will also need to have engaged in field experience as described above. Students should submit their transcripts and documentation of any additional service work if the work was not previously documented in their application for the Fifth Year and Early Admit programs. Upon final admission, the student will receive an official letter of acceptance into the full master's program by the Office of Graduate Admission.