Minor in Inclusive Education

The Department of Teaching, Curriculum, and Society offers the Inclusive Education minor for students enrolled in MCAS and CSOM.  The minor is designed to (a) introduce students to the world of disabilities and special education, with an emphasis on special education practice, and (b) enhance the ability of future professionals to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population of students in America’s schools.  The minor is compatible with efforts of MCAS and Lynch School’s joint Teachers for a New Era initiative as well as the CSOM’s special interest.  The six-course minor (18 credits and a zero-credit field observation) is consistent with the number of courses/credits required for minors in MCAS and CSOM.  It includes two courses that MCAS majors may take as part of BC’s social science and cultural diversity core requirements (APSY1030/1031). CSOM students should check with their advisor.