Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Applied Psychology and Human Development

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Applied Psychology and Human Development

Do you want to enrich the lives of children and adults every day? Do you want to improve the communities, schools, and families around you and throughout the world? Do you want to understand the interface between human development and health, between psychology and the workplace, and between knowledge and action? Are you looking for a practical major that opens up a variety of future options in fields of human resources, counseling psychology, health, education, research, community programming, leadership, or policy and law?

If so, then a degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development is your first step. The program prepares students to contribute to society through service, action, and leadership.  It also allows students to study key areas that are at the forefront of current social and educational challenges confronting society: Health; Human Capital; Advocacy and Policy; and Applications to Learning.

The Applied Psychology and Human Development program in the Lynch School of Education is a top choice among Boston College undergraduates. That is because our faculty features leading teachers and researchers and our focus is on meaningful learning in the classroom applied to real world issues across local, national, and international contexts.

The program features:

  • Internationally recognized faculty in applied developmental, educational, and counseling psychology
  • A foundational 6-course sequence in human development across the lifespan, the analytic tools central to social sciences, and the application of applied psychology to real world settings
  • An integrated field placement and course that helps students identify their purpose, including future career and life aspirations
  • The flexibility to choose one of four focus areas: Human Services and Health Sciences; Organizational Studies and Human Capital; Policy, Advocacy and  Community Change; or Science of Learning
  • A wide-ranging set of electives from within the program and across BC, so that each student can frame their major to meet their individual interests and career goals
Faculty Program Coordinator: Dr. Elida Laski

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Why study psychology in a school of education?

The Applied Psychology and Human Development major in the Lynch School of Education emphasizes state of the art connections between research, theory, and practice. Through practica and community involvement, students gain real-world experience and graduate prepared to apply what they learned in an array of community, education, business, and policy settings.