Psychological Humanities and Ethics Series

Conversations to Feed the Mind and Soul

This series is comprised of lectures and workshops that promote interdisciplinary conversations focused on human identity, suffering, and potential, with particular concern for the enduring ethical questions at the heart of human existence.

Many of our offerings offer continuing education (CEs) for psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, and social workers. Please see below for more details related to specific offerings. Past offerings can be found at the bottom of the page.


Summer Workshops

Psychology and the Other Conference

About the Conference

Human life demands the fullest account of itself -- lest we fall into simplistic reductions, corrosive divisiveness, and calcified identifications. The Psychology and the Other Conference is a biennial convening space that models what it points to -- a sandbox meant to allow for the play of languages, ideas, and formulations across fields and disciplines.

Our hope is to foster new and emergent ways of speaking to human identity, suffering, and potential -- not for knowledge’s sake alone, but in order to better serve the call of the suffering Other. Academics, clinicians, and students seeking dialogue are welcome to call this space home.

Past Lectures

Brutal and Beautiful:

Narrating the Tragicomedy of Dementia

Keeping in Touch:

Corporeality of Psychological Experience

Pilgrimage: Psychological Narratives & Journey in Light of a Story

Right or Wrong?:

Moral Psychology, Social Neuroscience and Theory of Mind

Racial Trauma:

The Psychological Consequences Of Racism Across The Lifespan

Let's Stress Ethics in Society 

Psychological Distress, Human Poverty, and Embodiment

In Praise of Failure


Golem, Technology, and Ethics


Notes on Suicide


Pleasure of Hating:

A Critical Introduction to the Idea of Racism as “Enjoyment”

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