Care for the Whole Professional

Care for Yourself and Others

The Care for the Whole Professional series seeks to enact the Jesuit value of “cura personalis” to create a restorative space for professionals to better flourish. In addition to providing “Continuing Education” credits, we hope to provide variety of restorative formats including retreat-like experiences and practical mindfulness-based education. We look forward to caring for you, so we may better care for others.

Examples of Programming

Take a (Deep) Breath: Stress Neuro & Mindfulness (in Christian Tradition)

Format: Online Workshop

Presenter: Mookie Manalili

“Take a breath, deeply… inhale, pause, exhale…” What skills can we develop in order to better serve others as clinicians, therapists, teachers, and professionals? How does stress, be it physical or psychological, affect our embodiment? What does the wisdom from the depth of traditions, both scientific and spiritual, have to say about mindfulness skills?

As care-giving and education-oriented professionals, we must be mindful in the ways we carry burdens, in order to be proper change agents to those we serve. During this “Care for the Whole Professional” brief workshop, we invite you take a pause before the holiday season and amidst the chaos of our current world. 

Burnout And Rejuvenation: Inner Balance For Mental Health Clinicians

Format: Online Workshop Series

Presenters: Erika Prijatelj and Tone Stevelj

Mental health care professionals (psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and many others) often work in an environment that leads to “burnout.” This includes  high-level intensity, time constraints, competing demands, lack of control over the work process, and sometimes conflicting roles and relationships with leadership. The recent pandemic has additionally increased the intensity of helplessness, sense of inefficiency, and inability to shut off the therapeutic role. Focusing on other people’s problems can lead mental health providers to lose track of their own personal well-being and that of their families.

"Realizing Growth Through Burnout": Culture Of Stress And The Search For Meaning

Format: Online Workshop

Presenters: Erika Prijatelj and Tone Stevelj

Burnout (both meaning burnout and caring burnout) with all its multidimensional symptoms (such as fatigue, frustration, disengagement, stress, helplessness, hopelessness, emotional drain and cynicism) is an opportunity for growth, especially on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This workshop creates a space where one can bridge the gap between their current and desired situations.




The university looks to the total development of people—intellectual, artistic, moral, religious—and to the issues of values, both personal and social. In what ways, we might ask, do our institutions contribute to the forming of the values which underlie social issues and community programs?
Father Pedro Arrupe, SJ