UCTC is a two-year post-graduate volunteer teaching program founded on the core values of teaching as ministry, simplicity, community, and spirituality. UCTC members commit to teaching for two years in Boston Catholic schools serving urban students, living in an intentional community, growing in their faith, and completing a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction at Boston College's Lynch School of Education and Human Development.

UCTC is committed to the recruitment of a diverse group of participants who reflect the student populations of the schools with which we partner.

The decision to apply to UCTC is a choice to proceed differently than many others with similar experience and education credentials. Participants in UCTC have decided that teaching is more than a job: it is a vocation. Becoming a member of UCTC is a discerned decision to intentionally and actively participate in formation as a Catholic school teacher. Choosing UCTC is to follow a calling to become an exemplary Catholic school teacher while actively ministering for and with urban students.

To learn more about where we serve, visit our Where We Are page. Interested applicants may apply to one or both of our cohort sites. 

Note: Applicants to UCTC are eligible for a fee waiver for their application to the Lynch School and are not required to submit GRE scores for their application.


  1. Apply to UCTC through your Lynch School Application  - Go to the Lynch School of Education and Human Development application page, and apply to the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction Program. Under the “Academic Information” section of the Lynch School application form where it asks, “Are you applying to a specialty program?”,  select Urban Catholic Teacher Corps from the drop down menu. The deadline for UCTC is January 6th. The Lynch School waives the application fee for UCTC applicants. Applicants to UCTC do not need to take the GRE.  

  2. Contact your references - It will be to your benefit to contact potential references early and give adequate time to complete a high quality recommendation. You will need recommendations from two individuals who can speak to your academic qualifications, a roommate/housemate, a student teaching supervisor, and a spiritual advisor. The names and contact information of your references are submitted through the "Recommender Registration" tab on the Lynch School application. They will receive an email with instructions and you will be notified in this section of the application once their recommendations have been received.

  3. Sign Up for an Interview - Every candidate who completes their application will be offered an interview. Information regarding scheduling of interviews will be communicated after applicants have successfully applied to and have been accepted by the Lynch School of Education and Human Development.

  4. Offer - Candidates of UCTC will be notified of their application status on approximately March 17. At that time candidates are either offered admission to the program (including notification of placement school, community house, and all important program information), offered a place on the waitlist, or not offered a position in the program. After receiving offers of placement, candidates are normally given 72 hours in order to confirm or they will be moved to the waitlist and a candidate on the waitlist is offered a position. Well-qualified candidates who are not able to be offered a position, but are admitted to the Lynch School, are supported in identifying full-time teaching opportunities in the Archdiocese of Boston.

    *NOTE: If you do not begin your full-practicum student teaching until the Spring semester, you may send your Supervising Teacher Recommendation Letter no later than February 15. Please contact uctc@bc.edu if you plan on sending in your Supervising Teacher Recommendation by the February deadline.

UCTC Member Teaching
  1. Admission to the Lynch School of Education (Curriculum & Instruction) - Before being admitted to UCTC, candidates must first be accepted to the Master of Education Program in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. UCTC will review candidates prior to notification of acceptance to the Lynch School; however, final decisions cannot be made regarding any candidates for UCTC until the Lynch School has made all admissions decisions.

  2. Vocation to teach in Catholic schools - Successful candidates to UCTC have discerned a desire to teach in Catholic schools serving urban students and see teaching in this setting as a life calling.

  3. Desire to live in an intentional faith-based community and to grow in one's own faith - Community living is a required component of program participation. UCTC members live, learn, and actively support each other throughout the two-year commitment. All participants must have a desire and be willing to commit themselves to focusing on their own continued faith formation.

  4. Full year of supervised student teaching or other previous supervised teaching experience - Most often applicants to UCTC are education majors or minors; however, depending on the program of study available at your undergraduate institution, this may or may not be the case. Regardless of your undergraduate program of study, all candidates must have completed a supervised student teaching experience or one year of supervised teaching experience in order to be considered for admission to UCTC.

  5. Eligibility for Massachusetts Initial Licensure (for MA Placements) or Provisional Licensure (for Micronesia Placements) - For more information on eligibility for initial licensure in MA, visit the Commonwealth of Mass. Department of Education Licensure webpage.
UCTC Member Teaching
  1. Rigorous Catholic school teacher preparation program - Through courses, experience in your teaching placement, workshops, reflections, and a number of other opportunities, you will be both continually challenged and supported in your growth in an amazing Catholic school teacher.

  2. Individual faith formation opportunities - UCTC offers participants the opportunity for weekly faith sharing, three retreats a year, spiritual direction, pilgrimages, and full engagement in community living and simplicity.

  3. Developmental support from mentor, supervisor, and coach - Each participant in UCTC will be assigned a supervisor and mentor in her/his school placement as well as a BC coach.

  4. Mutual support through community living - Community living offers challenges, but also great support. In community participants find a unique support system amongst a group of individuals experiencing the same challenges and successes.

  5. Tuition remission - UCTC covers the cost of all units in the Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

  6. Housing - UCTC covers all rent and utilities in the required UCTC community housing. Both the Dorchester and Brockton community houses include free wifi and laundry. The Dorchester house has a library with academic and teaching resources.

  7. Opportunity for federal student loan deferral - As graduate students, UCTC members have the opportunity for federal student loan deferment. BC Financial Aid will support you in seeking this deferral; however, each individual is responsible for their own undergraduate student loans.

  8. Boston College TELL Certification - Through the UCTC program of Study in Curriculum & Instruction in the Lynch School of Education, all UCTC participants will complete the requirements of the BC TELL Certificate.

  9. Catechetical Educators Certification - Through the Archdiocese of Boston and Boston College's STM Crossroads program (formerly, C21 Online), all UCTC participants complete the Catechetical Educators Certification. (For more information visit the STM Crossroads site. Please note that completion of the certificate requires approximately one online four week course per semester must be completed.)

  10. Monthly simple living stipend - Participants receive a $600 stipend payment each month over the two years of program participation.

  11. MTEL and Mass. Initial Licensure - For individuals who do not complete their MTEL or file for Mass. Initial Licensure as part of their undergraduate program of study, UCTC pays these fees. However, the required exams and filing must take place in your first summer in UCTC. (All UCTC members must either already have initial licensure or complete the requirements and file for initial Mass. licensure in their first summer in UCTC.)
UCTC Member Teaching

When does the program start and end?

For those placed in Boston/Brockton or Lawrence the program begins in June and participants will complete their Master’s degree by the end of June two years later.

For those placed in Micronesia, the program begins in June and participants will complete their Master’s degree by the end of August two years later. 

What graduate program should I apply for in the Lynch School?

Applicants must apply for, and be accepted to, the M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction; please note UCTC as your Special Program.

If I am admitted to the Lynch School and UCTC, how much tuition will be covered by the program?

If you are admitted to the Lynch School and the UCTC program, UCTC covers tuition for your Master's degree (UCTC members are responsible for all University fees, including the confirmation deposit).

Can I apply if I don’t have an undergraduate degree or concentration/minor in education?

Corps members usually have a bachelor’s degree with either a major, minor, or concentration in education, though this is not an absolute (depending on available programs of study at your undergraduate institution). UCTC members MUST have completed a semester of full-time student teaching or a year of supervised teaching and be eligible for initial licensure in the Commonwealth of Mass. in order to qualify for UCTC Boston/Brockton & Lawrence. For those applying for UCTC Micronesia, you need be eligible for provisional licensure in MA (Graduate from an accredited college and able to pass MTEL for a teachable subject). For more information on eligibility for initial state licensure, visit the Commonwealth of Mass. Department of Education Licensure page. Please note that those seeking to teach theology or religion eligibility for teaching licensure is not required, but evidence of ability and preparation to teach is required. 

Where will I teach? Can I choose where and what I will teach?

UCTC participants teach in schools throughout the Archdiocese of Boston and at Xavier High School in Chuuk, Micronesia. UCTC teachers work in Pre-K through 12th grade. Upon offer of admission, candidates will be notified of school placement, though not of grade level teaching.

What does “living in intentional community” really mean?

Participants live in the UCTC community residence with the other program members. 

Living in intentional community means pooling your resources to purchase food and other necessities. UCTC provides internet through BC-secured WiFi. Dinner is eaten together as a community on Monday through Thursday nights and the community gathers weekly for faith sharing. The community makes a commitment to spend some free time together.

What will I get paid? For what expenses will I be responsible?

You will receive a modest living stipend from the program. Your tuition, rent, and utilities will be paid. You will be responsible for personal expenses, including food, personal travel, text books, and car expenses.

If I have student loans from the past, can I get them deferred or forgiven by the UCTC?

Federal loans (Stafford and Perkins) may be deferred because you are a graduate student.  Any private loans you have may or may not be eligible for deferment.  In order to confirm the eligibility of your loans for deferral, please contact your lender. You may also qualify for partial cancellation of Perkins loans depending on where and what you teach.

If I am in UCTC, do I need to have a car?

A car may make the commute to a placement easier; however, the UCTC house is located within a mile of the T, the commuter rail, and a number of bus stops.

What should I do if I have other questions?

Please contact UCTC at 617-552-0602 or uctc@bc.edu

UCTC Members in Class

All UCTC candidates must apply, and be offered admission, to the Lynch School of Education's Curriculum & Instruction Master of Education Program. Candidates must indicate on the application form that they are applying to the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps. The graduate application fee is waived for UCTC applicants. Once offered admission, UCTC candidates are required (as are all students) to pay the Lynch School Confirmation Deposit.


The UCTC Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. is a 10 course 30 unit Program of Study. Approximately half of the courses are taken as a UCTC cohort. Tuition remission is possible for one additional course for individuals who have Initial Licensure in a single subject area (i.e. middle and high school teachers).

Click here to view the UCTC Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Program of Study.



Archdiocese of Boston

Session 2
Year 1
 3 Courses/9 Credits
1 Course/3 Credits   1 Course/3 Credits
Year 2
 3 Courses/9 Credits  1 Course/3 Credits  1 Course/3 Credits
 10 Courses
30 Units


Session 2
Year 1
3 Courses/9 Credits
1 Course/3 Credits OR 1 Course/3 Credits
Year 2
3 Courses/9 Credits    
Year 3 3 Courses/9 Credits    
 10 Courses
30 Units


The following courses are taken as a cohort: EDUC421-Theories of Instruction, EDUC7436-Curriculum Theories and Practice, ELHE7425-Transforming the Field of Catholic Education, EDUC7435-Social Contexts of Education, EDUC7495-Human Development and Disabilites, and EDUC7621-Bilingualism and Literacy Development. EDUC6346-Teaching Bilingual Students and electives are not scheduled as cohort courses.


You may take electives in any courses you have interest or offer you additional opportunity for growth as a Catholic school teacher. For single subject teachers (middle and high school) you may take all or some in your single subject area in order to fulfill requirements for MA Professional Licensure (to be applied for after three years of teaching under your initial licensure).


All UCTC members receive both academic and professional licensure advising with specific UCTC advisers.


For questions please contact us at uctc@bc.edu or 617-552-060.

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UCTC Member

Though not required of any applicant, a visit to Boston College, the UCTC schools, and the UCTC residence gives potential applicants the greatest sense of what their life will be like as a UCTC volunteer. To set up a campus visit, please contact uctc@bc.edu. 

I am forever thankful

I certainly credit UCTC for the role it played in guiding my career in Catholic education. On a daily basis, I am reminded of my role as a teacher in UCTC because it lives on in me today. I embraced, and continue to embrace, the opportunity to teach love, which is what has made my past service and current role as a Catholic educator extremely unique. I am forever thankful for the opportunity I had to serve as a member of the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps.
Megan DeLaney, UCTC Alumna, Cohort 11

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