Giving To UCTC

Liam and students

We are always looking for individuals who are able to offer professional or personal support to the members of the program (mentorship, coaching, tips, etc.). If you would like to support the program, let us know by filling out this form!

If you have questions on how else you might be able to support UCTC, please contact the UCTC director, Charles Cownie, at or at 617-552-0602.

To make a monetary gift to UCTC please click here. (You will need to select "Urban Catholic Teacher Corps" in the drop down box beneath the "I wish to make a gift to:" heading.)

Teaching is a community collaboration

Having a mentor at my school has helped me to grow as I am always being observed and learning from the feedback that my mentor teacher has given me. Teaching is such a community collaboration, where I am so lucky to have the support of a wonderful mentor teacher to help me grow in the UCTC pillar of teaching as a ministry.
Vincenza Barthlomew, Cohort 21