Urban Catholic Teacher Corps Doctoral Fellow

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps Doctoral Fellow

About the program

Founded in 1997, the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps. of Boston College (UCTC) actively forms and prepares Catholic school educators for the schools of the Archdiocese of Boston that intentionally serve urban students and families. Concurrently, UCTC also actively engages in research in support of a thriving future for urban Catholic education in the United States.

For information on the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps Doctoral Fellowship please contact, Dr. Charlie Cownie.

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urban students in classroom
Joining the UCTC team has been instrumental to my growth as a researcher and educator. I have gained an eclectic set of research skills working on various studies, each at different stages of development and employing different methodologies. More specifically, I have been involved with projects focusing on the experiences of UCTC members, the response of educators to COVID-19, the development of meaning and purpose among educators, and the current landscape of urban Catholic schools nationwide. No matter the area I have been working in, research or instruction, there has been consistent support to accomplish my professional and academic goals.
Kierstin Giunco, Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Student

UCTC Doctoral Fellow Preferred Experience and Qualifications

Passion for Catholic education with an interest in urban Catholic education

Familiarity or prior experience working in a Catholic PreK-12 education, especially in an urban setting

Interest or desire to engage in Catholic educational research

Potential for engaging in and supervising data collection, data management, and data analysis (quantitative/qualitative)

Desire to and/or potential for writing journal articles, research briefs, project summaries, and conference presentations

Strong verbal and written communication skills

Fluency in Spanish, Haitian Creole, or Vietnamese 

UCTC Doctoral Fellowship Program

The UCTC Doctoral Fellow is a doctoral student in Curriculum & Instruction who works with the UCTC program in research and teaching of UCTC masters students. The fellow maintains a 20-hour assistantship for at least 4 years and receives guaranteed funding (credit hours, stipend, and insurance) for at least their first four years. Though a UCTC Fellow is not required to complete their dissertation in an area of Catholic education, the fellow will have access to all current UCTC-sponsored research. 

Case of Student Desiring to Change Focus: If a Fellow realizes a passion for, or interest in, other areas than Catholic education, UCTC is open to Fellows pursuing all options that best prepare them for their future research and the job market. At the same time, however, UCTC will expect the Fellows to fulfill their 20-hour a week commitment to UCTC research throughout their four years of guaranteed funding.