Alumni Employment

•  Professor  •  Lead Research Analyst  •  Senior Director of Impact  •

•  Vice President of Marketing  •  Business Analyst  •  Director of Questionnaire Development  •

•  Chief Data Strategist  •  University President  •  Research Specialist  •

•  Senior Psychometrician  •  District Student Data Manager  •  Research Associate  •

•  Chief Research Officer  •  Business Analyst  •  Director of Institutional Research  •

•  Associate Dean  •  Principal  •  Lead Teacher  •  Vice President for Strategic Planning  •

 • Senior Principal of Research & Evaluation  •  Research Scientist  •  Statistician  •

 • Evaluation Specialist •   Admissions Operation Analyst  •  Insights and Outcomes Specialist  •

•  Software Engineer  •  Director of Assessment and Accreditation  •  Policy Advisor  •

•  Pearson  •  The World Bank  •  ACT  •  American Institutes for Research (AIR)  •

•  Definitive Healthcare Ministry of Education  •  San Diego City College  •

•  Education Development Center  •  Boston Public Schools  •  Hill Holiday  •

•  Horizons for Homeless Children  •  Boston Scientific  •  Measured Progress  •

 • Educational Testing Service  •  University of Illinois at Chicago  •  Wellesley Public Schools  •

•  Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy •  Takeda Pharmaceuticals  •

•  Microsoft  •  TIMSS & PIRLS ISC  •  Beth Israel Hospital  • Villanova University 

•  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  •  Cengage Learning  • Maguire Associates •

 • The National Center for Education Statistics  •  Orange County Public Schools  •

•  MA Trial Court  •  Fidelity Investments  •  MA Department of Education  • Bank of America •

•  Boston College  •  Forrester Research  •  The College Board  •  Liberty Mutual Insurance  •

•  Center For Sustainable Energy  •  City Connects  •  Health Equity Research Lab  •

•  Singapore  •  Boston, MA  •  Berkeley, CA  •  Washington, D.C.  •  Iowa City, IA  •  Austin, TX  •

•  Chicago, IL   •  Romania  •  Philadelphia, PA  •  Apex, NC  •  Princeton, NJ  •  Ireland  •

 • Australia  •  Los Angeles, CA  •  Cambridge, MA  •  Middletown, CT  •  Urbana, IL  •

· Worcester,  MA  •  China  •  Madison, WI  •  Orlando, FL  •  New York, NY  •  San Diego, CA  •

•  Mexico  •  Durham, NH  •  Denver, CO  •

Dr. Stephanie Chappe

Dr. Stephanie Chappe, PhD 2016

Lead Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment

In my role, I lead a variety of research and survey projects across Boston College constituencies, working with campus partners to support university priorities. Essentially, I am often thinking of new, innovative methods to collect, organize, and disseminate information.


Dr. Maureen Kavanaugh


Dr. Maureen Kavanaugh, PhD 2017

Director of Planning and Assessment at Lexington Public Schools

I am responsible for leadership and administration of district-wide functions involving educational research, analysis, and reporting; developing and disseminating key data and reports related to district programs and services to support institutional planning (short-term and long-term); responsible for data mining, analysis of complex data sets, maintenance of data repositories to support longitudinal analysis and design and implementation of program evaluation for select initiatives and programs; supporting district and school leaders in the interpretation and use of data to guide planning and decision making.



Elie Ohana

Elie Ohana, MS 2017

Researcher, Origin at Hill Holliday

After graduating from the Applied Statistics and Psychometrics program in 2017, I began working at Origin, a market research and data science company at Hill Holliday. At Origin, I employ statistical and psychometric models to help clients gather consumer insights and make data driven decisions.


Dr. Julia Rollison

Dr. Julia Rollison, PhD 2014

Senior Principal, Atlas Research

At Atlas, I oversee a portfolio of research, measurement, and program evaluation projects that incorporate qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches to examine underserved populations such as women, sexual minorities, adolescents, older adults, and Veterans. I also serve as an Adjunct Faculty member at The George Washington University teaching a graduate course on Health Policy and Management. I received my MPH at George Washington University prior to starting the MESA program.


Dr. Minsong Kim

Dr. Minsong Kim, PhD 2016

Senior People Analyst, Microsoft

At Microsoft, I design new research studies and evaluate programs intended to promote a more diverse & inclusive HR practice, as well as define success metrics and measure the efficacy of company-wide professional learning & development programs to inform senior HR leaders.


Erin Huckle

Erin Huckle, MEd 2016

Research Associate I, Education Development Center (EDC)

At EDC, I'm part of a team that is evaluating the implementation and outcomes associated with initiatives intended to promote student-centered learning in several high schools across New England. My role involves analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, reporting, creating data visualizations, managing and cleaning survey data, and conducting site visits.