New MESA Faculty Member

photo of Dr. Matthias von Davier

The MESA Department is proud to welcome Matthias von Davier, the J. Donald Monan, S.J., University Professor in Education.


Dr. von Davier is a Distinguished Research Scientist at the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) in Philadelphia. Previously, he was a Senior Research Director in the Research & Development Division at Educational Testing Service (ETS). In addition, he was the co-director of the Center for Global Assessment at ETS, where he led psychometric research and operational analysis for assessments such as PISA, PIAAC, TIMSS and PIRLS. 

His current work focuses on extending, implementing and applying multidimensional IRT, IRTree, and latent response models.  Additionally, he also builds speed and accuracy models to process data research using log-file and timing data using data from large scale tests.

Recent Publications

A Hierarchical Latent Response Model for Inferences about Examinee Engagement in Terms of Guessing and Item‐level Non‐response
Esther Ulitzsch, Matthias von Davier, Steffi Pohl
British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
Nov 10, 2019

Developments in Psychometric Population Models for Technology-based Large-scale Assessments: An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities
Matthias von Davier, Lale Khorramdel, Qiwei He, Hyo Jeong Shin, Haiwen Chen
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
Oct 23, 2019 

A Multiprocess Item Response Model for Not-Reached Items due to Time Limits and Quitting
Esther Ulitzsch, Matthias von Davier, Steffi Pohl
Educational and Psychological Measurement
Oct 21, 2019