MESA Alumni & Employment Data

•  Admissions Operation Analyst •  Associate Dean  •  Business Analyst  • Chief Data Strategist  •

•  Chief Research Officer  •  Data Scientist  • Director of Assessment and Accreditation  •

•  Director of Institutional Research  •  Director of Questionnaire Development  •

•  District Student Data Manager  •  Evaluation Consultant  •  Insights and Outcomes Specialist  •

•  Lead Research Analyst  •  Lead Teacher  •  Policy Advisor  • Principal  •  Professor  •

•  Research Associate  •  Research Scientist  • Research Specialist  •  Senior Director of Impact  •

 • Senior Principal of Research & Evaluation  • Senior Psychometrician • Software Engineer •

 • Statistician  • Univeristy President • Vice President of Impact Research  •

•  Vice President of Marketing  •  Vice President of Strategic Planning  •

•  ACT•  American Institute for Research (AIR)  •  Bank of America • Beth Israel Hospital  •

•  Boston College  •  Boston Public Schools  •  Boston Scientific  • Cengage Learning  •

 Definitive Healthcare  • Education Development Center • Educational Testing Service  •

•  Fidelity Investments  • Forrester Research  •  Hanover Research •

 • Hill Holiday  •  Horizons for Homeless Children  • Liberty Mutual Insurance •

•  MA Department of Education  • MA Trial Court  • Macmillan Learning  • Maguire Associates  •

• Measured Progress  •  Microsoft  • Ministry of Education • Orange County Public Schools •

 •  Pearson •  Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy  • San Diego City College  •

•   Takeda Pharmaceuticals  •  Teaching Systems Lab at MIT  • The College Board •

•  The National Center for Education Statistics  •   TIMSS & PIRLS ISC  •  University of Illinois at Chicago  •

•  Villanova University  •  Wellesley Public Schools  •  WestEd  • World Bank  •

•  Singapore  •  Boston, MA  •  Berkeley, CA  •  Washington, D.C.  •  Iowa City, IA  •  Austin, TX  •

•  Chicago, IL   •  Romania  •  Philadelphia, PA  •  Apex, NC  •  Princeton, NJ  •  Ireland  •

 • Australia  •  Los Angeles, CA  •  Cambridge, MA  •  Middletown, CT  •  Urbana, IL  •

· Worcester,  MA  •  China  •  Madison, WI  •  Orlando, FL  •  New York, NY  •  San Diego, CA  •

•  Mexico  •  Durham, NH  •  Denver, CO  •


Examples of Alumni Careers


Minsong Kim (PhD ’16)


Senior People Analyst, Microsoft

At Microsoft, I design new research studies and evaluate programs intended to promote a more diverse and inclusive HR practice, as well as define success metrics and measure the efficacy of company-wide professional learning and development programs to inform senior HR leaders.


Clair Johnson (PhD ’15)


Associate Director Data, Tech, & Processes, McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton

In my role, I am creating and executing and organization-wide strategy for data collection, reporting, and program evaluation. I also work to standardize processes and procedures where needed, and create structures to support organizational effectiveness. In practice, this ranges from conducting survey research and managing our database to providing staff training and creating documentation.


Courtney Castle (PhD ’18)


Senior Assessment Designer, The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning

At the WW Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, I am responsible for designing and monitoring an assessment system to track the developing competencies of pre-service math and science teachers. This involves standard-setting, task design, norming, validation, and supervising all ongoing assessment activities to ensure that our high standards are consistently enforced.


Terry Lee St.John  (PhD ’13)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Biostatistician, Cleveland Clinic

I work to ensure that all newly proposed clinical research projects across the hospital are designed in a way that maximizes the internal validity of the study, given the realities of the data.  When necessary, I query datasets from the hospital database.  After data collection has occurred, I perform much of the statistical analysis as well.  Related to these roles, I provide instruction to physicians and interns related to basic research methods and design.


Todd Reeves (PhD ’13)


Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

My research program addresses problems related to teacher education and development; educational assessment; and online learning; as well as problems that exist at the points of intersection among these domains. I direct evaluations and serve on evaluation teams for projects funded by the National Science Foundation (Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs) and U.S. Department of Education (Ready-to-Teach, Mathematics and Science Partnership programs). I teach courses in assessment, research and evaluation design, and statistics, and hold leadership positions in the Mid-Western Educational Research Association.


Maureen Kavanaugh (PhD ’17)


Director of Planning and Assessment, Lexington Public Schools

I am responsible for leadership and administration of district-wide functions involving educational research, analysis, and reporting; developing and disseminating key data and reports related to distinct programs and services to support institutional planning; responsible for data mining, analysis of complex data sets, maintenance of data repositories to support longitudinal analysis and design and implementation of program evaluation for select initiatives and programs; supporting district and schools leaders in the interpretation and use of data to guide planning and decision making.


Martin Hooper (PhD ’17)


Senior Researcher, American Institute for Research

I conduct research on National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and international large scale assessment methodologies with a special focus on context questionnaires and trend analysis. I also support the National Center for Educational Statistics in the management of US Participation in international assessments such as Teaching and Learning International Study, provide workshops on international assessment methodology, and conduct technical reviews for NAEP and international publications.


Margeau Jong  (MEd ’15)


VP for Analytics & Consulting Solutions, Maguire Associates

I manage a team of analysts as we conduct research and use data to help educational institutions make strategic decisions. Some of my projects include building predictive models to help institutions meet their enrollment goals, crafting custom survey instruments to address branding and positioning issues, applying demographic trends to evaluate demand for a school or program, and synthesizing information across primary and secondary sources to develop effective recruitment and engagement plans.


Nina Culbertson  (MEd ’11)


Senior Research Associate, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

I oversee a portfolio of grants related to mixed-methods research and educator leadership/capacity projects. I also lead and contribute to a number of internal research and strategy efforts focused on using data to illuminate racial gaps in outcomes and building a strategy addressing disparities based on race.


Mengtan Xu (MEd ’14)


Washington DC

Research Director, Hanover Research

I joined Hanover Research as a Survey Specialist, designing and executing survey research studies for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and private companies. Recently, I took on project and client management responsibilities, and now lead research design and operation for a pool of companies, helping marketers and corporate strategists make product, brand, or market decisions.


Ashley Metelus (MEd ’18)


Assistant Director of Evaluation, University of South Florida


Currently, I am the Assistant Director of Evaluation in the Department of Medical Education at the Morsani College of Medicine. I am part of the Assessment and Evaluation team, in which I am responsible for student, faculty, and course evaluation data. My main responsibilities are managing our evaluation database, creating and revising evaluations and surveys, performing qualitative and quantitative analyses, and analyzing and reporting national surveys.


Eli Ohana (MS ’17)


Statistical Analyst, RAND Corporation

As a member of the RAND Statistics group I apply statistical methods on a range of policy research projects. Specifically, most of my work involves conducting analyses within the fields of mental health and psychology.


Jackie Cai (MS ’17)


Data Analyst, Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD)

At MUSD, I collect and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data about the district, community, and the student and parent population. My work intends to deepen understanding of programmatic needs across the district and promote and support data-driven leadership, management, instruction, and learning.


Tianyuan Jiang (MS ’18)

Shanghai, China

Data Analyst, SF Technology

At SF Technology, I work as a data analyst to provide technical support for SF express, which is a major express company in China. I participate in data mining and mass data analysis in delivery process, missing and broken package issues, customer preferences and other scenarios in logistics industry; Also provide technical solution in supply chain and stock control for business clients.