Higher Education Graduate Assistantships

Higher Education Graduate Assistantships 

The postings below are offered only to current and admitted students in the Higher Education M.A. program. To apply, please email your resume and a brief cover letter to the supervisor email address noted below. Positions are listed below from newest to oldest (last updated 1/21/21).

Boston College, Lynch School of Education & Human Development, Office of Undergraduate Programs, ERA First-year Program Instructor (ERALCoordinators@bc.edu)

Boston College, Woods College of Advancing Studies, Enrollment Management Graduate Assistant (Claudia Pouravelis, pouravel@bc.edu)

Boston College, Woods College of Advancing Studies, Undergraduate Curriculum Specialist Graduate Assistant (Michelle Elias-Bloomer, eliasm@bc.edu)

Boston College, Office of Student Conduct, Graduate Assistant for Student Conduct (Melissa Woolsey, woolseym@bc.edu)

Boston College, Office of Institutional Research & Planning, Graduate Assistant (Stephanie Chappe, chappe@bc.edu)

Wentworth Institute of Technology, CO-OPS + CAREERS, Graduate Assistant (Robbin Beauchamp, beauchampr1@wit.edu)