In order to accommodate students with overscheduled exam periods, BC Law designates one day at the end of each exam period as a make-up day. A student may move one scheduled exam to the make-up day if the criteria below are met.

Criteria to reschedule:
  • 2 exams in 1 day
  • 3 exams in 3 consecutive days
  • 4 exams in 5 consecutive days
How to reschedule:
  • Visit the Academic Services in Stuart M308
  • Sign the provided confidentiality oath


In the case of a serious personal or family illness or crisis, exam rescheduling is permitted. Please contact Academic Services as soon as possible at (617) 552-2527 or

If you are ill on the day of your exam, do not go to the exam room. Instead, contact Academic Services.

If you become ill during an exam, notify the proctor immediately and hand in your exam book. Note that accommodations cannot be made if the illness is reported after the exam has concluded.

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