Alumni Chapters

The connections you form at BC Law last a lifetime, and the BC Law community extends far beyond the classmates and professors you met during your time on campus. It includes the classes that came before you, the students who are following in your footsteps now, and the communities around the world who are directly impacted by the work our alumni do. Learn more about how you can stay connected to the BC Law community through our alumni chapters and our online network.

Advance your career and meet new people in your area through BC Law chapters and affinity groups.


Atlanta, Georgia

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois


Detroit, Michigan


Hartford, Connecticut


New Hampshire

New York 

New Jersey

Northern California

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Southern California

St. Louis, Missouri

Tampa, Florida


Washington, DC

Western Massachusetts

Chapter Leaders


James D'Ambra ‘10, JD’13
Elizabeth Olien, JD’13


Adam Baker ‘03, JD’08
Von Brown, JD’98
Jamie Hacker, JD’13
Shawn Butte, JD’13


Washington, DC
Anne Gordon, JD’11
Graham Markiewicz, JD’16


Los Angeles
Ken Sanchez, JD’03
Leah Herscovici, JD’18


San Diego
Dionna Shear, JD’14


San Francisco
Ed Hanley, JD’86
Chris Jaap, JD’98


Silicon Valley
Gina Signorello ‘89, JD’92
Camille Fong, JD’82


Matt Feeley, JD’99


West Palm Beach/Boca Raton:
Debby Satyal, JD’08


Esther Chang ‘02, JD’07


Andy Gallinaro, JD’05
Katie Heitzenrater, JD’07


Leslie Parker, JD’10
Kristen Whittle ‘06, JD’09


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Commit to a two-year, renewable term through December 31, 2020.

  • Work with the BC Law Alumni Association to communicate the preferences and needs of the alumni in your particular area.

  • Assist the Alumni Association with planning regional events in your area.

  • Encourage attendance at Chapter events through social media and direct email outreach.

  • Support our admissions office as needed by serving as local ambassador to admitted applicants.

  • Liaise with the BC Law community as needed by connecting local alumni with students and other alumni.

  • Proactively connect with recent graduates and current students in your area.

  • Join quarterly Chapter Leader conference calls to hear updates about BC Law and to contribute toward developing new programming for BC Law alumni.

  • Make an annual gift to the Law School Fund.