Dear Students:

I wanted to make sure you read the important message from the University about the impact of the coronavirus on students who traveled internationally during Spring Break. As the message makes clear, we are following the latest guidelines from the CDC and MA Department of Public Health to keep the virus from spreading. We are doing all we can to minimize any potential disruptions to the Law School, while recognizing this is an evolving situation. Here is some important Law School specific information:

  1. Travel/excused absence from class. We are requiring all students to continue to follow our process for an excused absence from class by notifying Academic and Student Services and by notifying their respective faculty.

  2. Classes. We are working on a plan to record all large podium/lecture classes in order to facilitate online learning for any impacted students. For smaller, more interactive classes and seminars, we are asking faculty to accommodate those students by streaming their classes when necessary through an available online tool such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. The Center for Experiential Learning is working on a plan for clinics and externships.

  3. Events. At this time, the University has not made any policy changes around events on campus. However, we recognize that many organizations outside Boston College, including employers, have been canceling their events due to the virus. The Law School administration is considering some adjustments for center and department events. For example, we are exploring having designated food servers or serving only “sealed” or individually wrapped food. We encourage student organizations to start thinking about adjustments they may make to their own events. Please come talk to us. Academic and Student Services, Marketing and Events, Career Services and the Dean’s Office are happy to work with you on best practices.

Please know that while our expectations for significant disruptions to campus life remain low, we want to ensure we are prepared if the situation becomes more severe. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have, from facilitating remote learning to assisting you with event-related disruptions. Please reach out to Academic and Student Services with any questions. We will continue to update you as the semester progresses. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the University coronavirus website.


Vincent Rougeau

Dean, Boston College Law School | he/him/his