Dear incoming students,

Earlier today, you heard from BC Law Dean Vincent Rougeau about Zero-L, an online course to introduce incoming BC Law students to the American legal system and what it means to be a law student. The Zero-L course will take most students approximately four to five hours to complete. As Dean Rougeau mentioned, your faculty are excited to start their time with you by building on this foundational knowledge. They will assume you have completed the BC Law Zero-L syllabus (provided below) before the beginning of classes and will teach with that in mind. 

Login Instructions

You will be receiving an email shortly from “Canvas for Harvard Ex Ed” with the subject line “Course Invitation.” The body of the message will specify that this is for the Zero-L course. Please keep an eye out for this email, and follow the instructions within it to gain access to the course. Please note, this is a separate Canvas account from your Boston College Canvas account and your Boston College credentials will not work; you must register for a new account. Although Zero-L is accessible on a mobile device in a browser, the optimal learning experience is on a laptop or desktop.

We have selected the Zero-L modules we feel will be most helpful to you as you transition to law school. The modules focus on introducing basic legal structures and concepts and will give you familiarity with the vocabulary of law and methods of legal instruction. The attached BC Law Zero-L Syllabus sets forth the Zero-L modules we would like you to complete. Please use this Syllabus as a checklist to make sure you complete all the essential modules as you work your way through the program.

Please reach out to our Director of Academic Success Programs, Nina Farber if you have any questions about course content, and to if you have any account or technical questions. Nina can also recommend additional resources to support your academic experience in law school. One book you might find helpful is What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know: An Introduction to the Study of Law by Tracey E. George and Suzanna Sherry.

We’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts about Zero-L, and we’re excited to welcome you to BC Law next month!

Renee Jones
Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs