Dear members of the BC Law community:

As many of you are aware, New York has announced that it will ration seats for its bar by prioritizing graduates of NY law schools (just this morning, the Board of Bar Examiners in Massachusetts announced a similar plan prioritizing graduates from MA law schools for our own state exam). Last week I joined 20 other deans outside the state to send a letter to the NY Court of Appeals urging them to consider alternative ideas. While they are sympathetic to our concerns, and have confirmed that they will continuously reassess their capacity and expand seats whenever possible, they also have since reiterated that they cannot guarantee enough spots for graduates outside the state. See their response here.

Although our graduates may benefit from the MA BBE plans, I realize how unsettling the New York news is for many of our graduating 3Ls. You are already grappling with unprecedented disruptions as you begin your careers. Know that we are here for you. Nina Farber, Director of our Academic Success Program, and the members of our Bar Task Force are available to counsel you on alternative jurisdictions and other contingency plans. You may schedule a virtual counseling session with Nina here. We will continue to discuss this situation, and will update you on recommendations going forward.

Vincent Rougeau
Dean, Boston College Law School | he/him/his