Dear members of the BC Law community:

Many of you are wondering whether the Law School spring calendar will follow the University plan. As previously announced, due to Covid concerns the University has adjusted its spring calendar to include a later start date, as well as canceled Spring Break and some holidays. The Law School will start classes one day earlier than the rest of the University, and will begin on Wednesday, January 27. Our last day of classes will be Friday, April 30. With this plan, law students will have five days (two weekend days, three reading days) before exams, which will run from May 6 - 17. The full spring calendar is viewable here.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday and transition to fully remote learning for the rest of the fall semester, I would like to encourage us to remain engaged with one another. Remember that all of us at the Law School are available virtually as we have been this fall. Take some time to reach out to colleagues and classmates to see how they are doing. It makes for a good break in between studying for finals (or grading them).

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Vincent Rougeau
Dean, Boston College Law School