Dear 1L and 2L Students,

We are delighted to announce two new summer programs designed to help address the impact of COVID-19 on summer work plans and help provide meaningful and marketable experiences:

(1)  The Eagle Summer Research Scholar Program, and

(2)  The BC Law COVID-19 Legal Services Project

Each program is described in more detail below. Please note that there are multiple positions available for each program and I encourage you to apply if you do not have a summer position. Many thanks to the faculty and to Dean Rougeau for their support of these two great new opportunities. 

CSO Advisors continue to be available and are eager to help discuss your summer job search. Please make an appointment on SAGE at your convenience. 

I wish you all good health during this challenging time. 


Jennifer Perrigo
Assistant Dean, Career Services
Boston College Law School

Eagle Summer Scholars Program

Current 1L and 2Ls are invited to apply to be an Eagle Summer Research Scholar for summer 2020. As part of the 8 to 10-week program selected students will be paired with a faculty member working in a legal subject area of common interest. The student will work remotely on two projects: (1) the faculty member’s own research project, and (2) the student’s own research project that will be developed over the summer with guidance and support from the faculty member. The experience will culminate in a written paper in the fall semester for which 2 Pass/Fail credits will be granted. Applications will be accepted via SAGE from April 27th to May 8th, 2020.  

(Please note that this is an unpaid opportunity and that the Pass/Fail credit will not count against the maximum total number of Pass/Fail credits that students are generally permitted).

Preference will be given to students who have not already secured a summer placement or whose placement was cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Please contact Professor Diane Ring ( with questions.

BC Law COVID-19 Legal Services Project

Current 1L and 2Ls are invited to apply to the Boston College Law School Covid-19 Legal Services Project to serve as a project Intern. The project will operate for 8-10 weeks, to provide legal assistance and advice to individuals and organizations affected by Covid-19 disruptions. In this virtual law firm, law student volunteers, under the supervision of experienced practitioners, will work as a team to advocate for and assist those in need. The anticipated work will depend on the availability of supervisors, but may include habeas corpus petitions and bond hearings in the Federal District Court on behalf of ICE detainees; interviewing and counseling individuals to facilitate receipt of unemployment benefits under the CARES Act; consumer debt assistance; compassionate release legal assistance; and legal research to organizations and entities.

Applicants working with the BC Law C-19 Legal Services Project must:

  • Commit to working at least 20 hours per week for a minimum of eight weeks;

  • Participate in training beginning the week of June 1;

  • Be willing to work on more than one project and area of law, as needed;

  • Have reliable internet access and computer/laptop.  Because this is a virtual law firm, work may be completed from any location. 

Applications will be accepted via SAGE from April 27th to May 8th. The total number of student attorneys accepted will depend on the availability of licensed attorney supervisors.  

Please contact Project Director, Assoc. Dean Judith A. McMorrow ( with questions.