Dear members of the BC Law community, 

I hope that this message finds all of you safe and healthy during this challenging and unprecedented time. We recognize that you are facing immense disruptions to your personal and professional lives. I am extremely grateful that, even under these trying circumstances, I have received such substantial and heartfelt outreach from the BC Law alumni community asking how you can help the school and our current students navigate this challenge. Your care and concern for our students is truly appreciated and demonstrates the strength and extraordinary commitment of our alumni throughout the world.

Never has it been more important for us to come together to leverage the resources of this great community. As you can imagine, our students are not only facing the challenges of COVID-19 in their personal lives, but face an uncertain future as the job market now will likely be dramatically different from the one they knew entering law school. We are now hearing of students whose internship offers have been rescinded and are hearing from many employers that their internship and entry level hiring programs have been put on hold. We expect that our 3Ls will initially be hit the hardest with some employers needing to freeze hiring, others delaying or deferring start dates for jobs previously secured, and some unfortunately rescinding.

Our Career Services Team is working hard to help students during this difficult time and to proactively seek out and generate appropriate opportunities for students.  If you would like to help, please review information from the office below and assist in any way that you can. 

I understand that there is still uncertainty in many workplaces and that it may take some time for the picture to become more clear. In the meantime, if you have, or hear of any employment or other appropriate opportunities for students, please let us know. I have no doubt that the collective efforts of this talented and generous community will ease the burdens of this difficult time. 


Vincent Rougeau
Boston College Law School

How to Help

There are a number of ways to assist our current students during this time. If you are able to do so, please complete this short form. Or, if you prefer, please email us at

  • Networking/Mentoring: Information-sharing and mentorship is more important than ever. If you are willing to be a career-related resource for students, interested students will be instructed to contact you directly.

  • 1L & 2L Internship Opportunities: Some 1Ls and 2Ls are still searching for summer internships as typically many of these positions are found in the spring. We want to help ensure that our students who are seeking positions for this summer are able to be connected to opportunities that will help them gain meaningful and productive legal experience. Please let us know if your office is looking for an intern or are open to adding one for the summer, either remotely or potentially in person (if circumstances allow.)

  • Postgraduate Opportunities: For students who are seeking postgraduate employment at this time, this crisis has been particularly disruptive to their job search process. While we recognize that many employers may delay permanent hiring, if you are aware of any opportunities (including part-time or short-term) that we could pass along to our students, please let us know.

  • Project-based Work: If you or any attorney in your network are in need of assistance with specific projects, cases, transactions, etc., we have a number of students who have had their work this semester interrupted and would welcome the chance to continue gaining practical experience.

  • Pro Bono Opportunities: We are in contact with a number of legal services and other organizations who will likely see an even greater demand for their services. If you are aware of an organization that has a need for additional assistance, please contact Michelle Grossfield, our Public Interest and Pro Bono Director at

If you have any questions, please contact Jen Perrigo, Assistant Dean of Career Services at or 617.552.4345 or Doug Saphire, Director, Legal Recruitment & Employer Outreach at or 617.552.2382.