Dear Students,

The law school is keenly aware of the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on many students' summer employment plans and opportunities.  In an effort to address the needs of students who find themselves unable to secure meaningful legal work this summer unless they are able to earn academic credit, two internal policies are waived for students who want to enroll in the 2020 Summer-in-Practice (SIP) Program. 

1. Students may extern this summer at the same placement where they previously externed, had an employment relationship, or worked as a volunteer with the understanding that they will be expanding or deepening their prior work activities.

2. Students may receive compensation for hours spent externing for academic credit.

Please note however, that the law school is not able to waive tuition for the one credit Summer-in-Practice Program.  Enrolled students will be billed for one credit for the summer term. The Trustees of Boston College have not yet announced next year’s tuition which applies to the summer program.  Last year one credit cost $2,190. The SIP Program is not eligible for Boston College tuition scholarships.

As you may know, this externship program consists of two components: (1) placement in a legal practice setting and (2) a companion reflective seminar.  The dates of the SIP program are still tentative, but will likely run from late May to mid-July. Students are required to work a bare minimum of 48 hours in their placement, but are strongly encouraged to work as many hours as possible throughout the course of the program or beyond.  Students are also required to participate in five seminar sessions, submit journal entries, complete reading assignments and make a final presentation. Please see my previous email below that includes information for international students regarding Curricular Practical Training authorization.

Students who are considering this option need to contact me and obtain approval for their placement.  In order to apply, students must have already secured a summer placement. Application forms may be found here: Summer in Practice Application Form 2020.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  I appreciate that individual circumstances may change over the coming weeks and I am happy to discuss options that may be available to you.

Best regards,

Patricia Gould MSW, J.D.
Director, Externship Programs
Boston College Law School