Dear Students, Faculty, & Staff, 

We hope your transitions during this uncertain time have gone well and that each of you is safe and healthy. Now more than ever, it’s important for each of us to take time out of our hectic days to take a break, to reflect, and to consider how to stay well. As such, Wellness Week will continue this semester in a virtual setting. March 30th - April 1st our office, partnering with the LSA Wellness Committee, will be hosting a range of wellness focused events in celebration of Wellness Week. Each day will focus on a different dimension of wellness, and we encourage everyone to practice wellness either through the events offered or in your own way. 

During this time we want to hear from everyone in our Law School community- how are you practicing wellness at home? Let us know with a short blurb, a photo, or a video submitted via this google form! As our own practice of social wellness and of bolstering our now virtual community, these “Snapshots of Wellness” will be shared with everyone at the close of Wellness Week. 

Wellness Week Participation

Participants for each event hosted during Wellness Week will be entered into a raffle to win prizes from the LSA Wellness Committee!

Students who participate in a different dimension of wellness each day, either by attending our events or practicing on their own, will be entered into a raffle to receive one of our BC Law Wellness Kits! Students must send in a photo, video, or blurb via the google form with how they practiced a dimension of wellness each day in order to complete the challenge.

Wellness Week Events

So mark your calendars for the following wellness events! More information for each event, and their respective Zoom links can be found on Orgsync.

Wellness Week (3)

We look forward to hearing how you practice wellness, and seeing you (virtually) at our Wellness Week events! 

If you have any questions please let us know. 

Academic & Student Services and the LSA Wellness Committee