Dear Law Students,

We hope that you are all adjusting to this new virtual and online normal. As a reminder, we request that you notify if you will be absent from class for an extended period, need an extension on coursework, or have other academic and/or student services based inquiries. This email address is our main point of contact and is monitored during regular business hours by our staff.

As previously announced, the University has extended the deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a course. The Office of Students Services on main campus has worked to accommodate these changes to our system and the Law School's Office of Academic & Student Services has been working on our specific process and related questions. Following are additional details regarding these extensions and the mandatory pass/fail grading for the semester.

Extended Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

  1. The deadline to drop a course this semester (without a “W” appearing on your transcript) is 12 noon on Thursday, April 9 (US Eastern Daylight Time). Any requests to drop a course after 12 noon on Thursday, April 9 (EDT) will be treated as an application for a withdrawal.

  2. We will review your transcript thus far to ensure that you do not need the credits to maintain full time status (or for some other reason such as 3Ls needing the credit/course to graduate) and then notify you with our action and inform the professor for the class.

  3. The deadline to withdraw from a course this semester (with a “W” appearing on your transcript) is 12 noon on Thursday, April 30 (US Eastern Daylight Time).

  4. There will be NO accommodations for late drops or withdrawals.

  5. The election to drop or withdraw from a course is irreversible.

  6. To drop or withdraw from a course this semester, you must complete the drop/withdraw form accessible through this link:  Note that this is a Google document that you can only access by signing in first using your BC email account.

  7. Students who are overseas and are unable to access the Google document should use the online PDF version of the course drop/withdrawal form from the Office of Student Services Academic Forms website ( The completed form should then be emailed to Academic & Student Services at

  8. You will need to submit a separate form submission for each class you wish to drop or withdraw from. 

  9. Please read all instructions before completing and submitting the form. 

  10. If you withdrew from a course earlier in the semester and have a "W" on your record that you now wish to convert to a drop, you will need to complete and submit the form linked above.

  11. Dropping a course may have consequences on your financial aid so please reach out to the graduate financial aid counselor.

  12. International students must remain enrolled in 12 credits on a graduate level to maintain full time status.

Questions Related to Mandatory Pass/Fail

  1. If you are enrolled in BC courses outside the law school check the class course number.  Classes with a LAWS course number will be graded as pass/fail based on the mandatory pass/fail policy adopted by the Law School. If it is a BC course without a LAWS course number, the University has provided that students will be allowed to designate a course pass/fail beginning on Thursday, April 9. The deadline for designating a course pass/fail is 12 noon on Thursday, April 30 (US Eastern Daylight Time). The designation of a course as pass/fail is irreversible, and cannot be undone after you make the selection. The ability to designate a course as pass/fail will be handled through the Agora Portal (more details with screen shots will be forthcoming from the University). 

  2. If you are enrolled in a course at another institution, your transcript will reflect the grading from that institution.  As usual, if you receive a letter grade from another institution, that grade will not factor into your BC Law GPA, but will appear on your BC Law transcript.

  3. All classes including any originally set as remote (for example, Semester in Practice), will be pass/fail for the Spring 2020 semester without exception. 

  4. Students have up to 6 elected pass/fail credits they can use. If you were enrolled in a course for a pass/fail grade at the beginning of the semester, the class will not count towards your maximum pass/fail credits (6) as it is now mandatorily graded as pass/fail.

  5. Under the pass/fail policy, grading will not be based on a curve. Grades will reflect the instructor's assessment of the quality of a student's performance based on class attendance and participation, written or other assigned work, and the final exam, all as reflected in the syllabus for the course. To receive a grade of pass, the student would need to achieve a grade of D or better in the course. As stated in our Academic Policies and Procedures, a grade of "D" reflects "Unsatisfactory work, which does not demonstrate achievement of the minimum level of competence, expected of any graduate of an accredited American law school but which demonstrates enough potential for improvement that the student could reasonably be expected to achieve such a level by conscientious study." A grade of "F" reflects "failing work, which reflects a level of learning and ability in the area of study so low as to indicate that the student has failed to perform the work, reading, and study expected of students enrolled in the course. No credit is given for a course in which an F is received, although the F will be used in computing cumulative and annual averages."

If you have further questions about any of the above information, please do not hesitate to write to us at

We hope that everyone is staying safe and well.

All the best,


Office of Academic & Student Services

Boston College Law School

Stuart House 308