Dear Student Org Presidents,

In light of the recent announcements by the University President and the Law School Dean, I wanted to reach out with further student organization guidelines.


The university has announced all on-campus academic events are suspended, including on-campus events at the Law School. In accordance with this announcement we will be marking all existing student organization events in the Law School Calendar as "cancelled," with a note in the description explaining the situation. You will continue to be able to edit these events in your organization's portal on Orgsync, and this will give you the opportunity to decide how to move forward with each event on a case by case basis. Organizational leaders should determine if you want to cancel, postpone, or move forward with a virtual event for each of your scheduled events.

  • For events that you choose to cancel or postpone, please make sure to communicate this decision with all outside speakers and vendors that have been working with you on these events. If you encounter a situation where a vendor will not reimburse you for a cancelled event, please let us know at
  • For events that you choose to hold virtually, please remove "cancelled" from the title and make your plans clear in your event description (see Career Service's events for examples). If you would like to explore options to host a virtual event, please get in touch with us at and we will work with you and with Nate Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Communications, to help you find a solution.
  • Please note that student org funds cannot be used during this time for off-campus events until further notice. This is a health and safety issue. The reason we are not on campus is we are in the midst of a public health crisis so we are not bringing people together in person. We encourage you to consider ways you can use your funds virtually.
  • BOC Deposit refunds: please contact us at and we will work with Joan Manna to maximize your refund.  
  • Reimbursement for speakers who have booked travel for cancelled events: speakers should try to get refunds or credits/vouchers on future travel from airlines. We have had success with this. In the event that they cannot, then student org budget funds can cover this with evidence that the airline rejected the request (ex: do a chat with the airline and save your chat as proof of this). 

Student Org Elections & Transition Plans

We recognize that many of our student organizations have not yet held elections or begun preparations to transfer leadership and should start to consider how to do so virtually. Please reach out to us at and we will work with you and with Nate to decide on an alternative way to conduct elections. Once you have the results of your elections and your transition plans in place, the results can be submitted through the Orgsync form: Student Leaders 2020 - 2021, and budget requests for next year can be submitted through the Orgsync form: Student Organization Budget Submission 2020 - 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding student organizations and events moving forward, please let me know. We really appreciate your patience and understanding while we navigate this difficult situation together and we will be in touch with additional updates.


Kaitlyn Solano
Interim Assistant Director of Student Services
Boston College Law School
Stuart House 308