Hi All,

I hope that final exams are going as smoothly as possible in these challenging times. I'm writing to let you know that I have significantly updated the State-By-State Chart and the Bar Exam FAQs on the BC Law COVID-19 Update Page and will be providing you with weekly updates on Fridays. 

Todays updates include

  • The postment of the July Bar in
    • California (9/9-10) (likely a remote exam)
    • Illinois (9/9-10)
    • Pennsylvania  (9/9-10)
    • New Mexico (September - date TBD)
  • Announcements of two administrations of the bar in
    • Minnesota (in July and 9/9-10)
    • Texas (in July and 9/9-10)
    • Tennessee (in July and 9/30 & 10/1)
  • New York's announcement that it is prioritizing seats and, from May 5 - May 15, will only accept applications from graduates of ABA approved law schools in New York.

Finally, if you have not completed the survey yet please do.  We understand your situation is fluid as well. We only ask that you complete the survey to the best of your ability so that we can better serve you, as well as provide estimates to the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners regarding the number of applicants they can expect for their administration of the Bar Exam. You can access the survey here

Have a restful weekend,

Nina Farber

Director, Academic Success Programs

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