Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Focusing on health and wellness, psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioners (NPs) lead caregiving teams, paying particular attention to patients’ emotional, cognitive, and social functioning and play key roles in clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. They also help people and communities recover after trauma or distress.

Psychiatric/Mental Health NPs work to:

  • Conduct individual, family, and group psychotherapy

  • Diagnose psychiatric disorders

  • Perform psychiatric assessments and evaluations

  • Coordinate medications

  • Act as case managers for people with psychiatric disorders

  • Provide consultation to primary care providers


Where They Work

Psychiatric/mental health NPs work in a range of settings, including:

In-patient hospital practices as admitting clinicians

Outpatient community mental health programs

Private practice

Emergency departments

Forensic settings, such as court clinics and prisons

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