Diversity Advisory Board

CSON's commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the core of who we are: as nurses, as a community, and as men and women for others. Our Diversity Advisory Board, comprising local and national nurse leaders, provides insight and guidance to faculty and staff in planning and implementing programs that foster a culture of inclusiveness. 

Community Voices


Leadership in Action

Deborah Washington, M.S. ’93, Ph.D. ’12, Director of Diversity for Nursing & Patient Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, Diversity Advisory Board member at CSON, describes what motivates her to be a nationally recognized leader in nursing diversity.

Diversity Advisory: External Board Members


Eva Gómez, RN-BC, MSN, CPN 
Boston Children's Hospital


Leah Gordon, DNP, RN, CNP, FNP-C 
Massachusetts General Hospital


Joana Maynard, M.ED/M.R.E., BAIC 
Boston College


Rollie Perea, RN, MSN, RNP 
CareWell Urgent Care


Cheryl Tull, MS, BSN, RN, NE-BC 
Associate Chief Nursing Officer 
Boston Medical Center


Deborah Washington, RN, PhD 
Nursing & Patient Care Services Diversity Program 
Massachusetts General Hospital

Building an Inclusive Community

In 2019, the Connell School Diversity Advisory Board created an initiative of connecting faculty and staff to each other and to students. This took on the form of a video project where students, faculty, and staff answered the question: What is an identity you are proud of? Here's a sample of repsonses.

Minna Wang '20

Nadia Abuelezam, Sc.D., Assistant Professor

Brandon Huggon, Assistant Director, Student Services

Kevin Dominguez '21

Tam Nguyen, Ph.D., M.S.N./M.P.H., RN, Assistant Professor

Julianna González-McLean, Assistant Dean of Student Services, Diversity & Inclusion


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Connell School Diversity Advisory Board Minutes and Annual Reports