Mar 20: Registration and Advising Updates

Dear Carroll School Undergraduate Students:

On Wednesday night, you received an email about the recent changes to academic policies regarding pass/fail and extended drop and withdrawal deadlines. I am sure you have questions about how these policies may affect you this semester. To answer some of your questions, we have put together this Pass/Fail and Late Drop FAQ. The details on how to drop, withdraw and elect pass/fail are still being ironed out and we expect to provide more information next week.

At this point, continue to work as hard as you can in your classes. There will be a lot to get used to in an online format. We will be sending more information about how you can make a class pass/fail or drop a class if that is what you decide to do.  


With registration beginning in early April, this email outlines some of the changes for this process considering most students are no longer on campus.  As a reminder, though the advising process may look different, the resources remain the same.  

Registration Dates and Access Codes

Registration will still be happening according to the originally scheduled timeline. 

  • Class of 2021: April 2nd and 3rd
  • Class of 2022: April 6th and 7th
  • Class of 2023: April 14th and 15th

You can see your specific registration date and time in the Portal under “Academic Advisor.” Next week (on or around March 25), Student Services will be sending an email with instructions on how to register from off campus. Soon after that, you will be receiving your access codes in an email from your staff advisor prior to registration. Be on the lookout for those two emails. 

Advising for Registration

Your staff advisors and faculty advisors are still available to assist you in this process. The staff advisors are offering virtual advising appointments.  You can access our schedules and sign up here. For the class of 2023, your Portico faculty advisors will also be in touch with you in the next week to let you know how they will be scheduling appointments.

To prepare for an advising appointment, you can access your Degree Audit on the Portal under “Degree Audit” and update the 4-year planning worksheet you created in Portico. (If you need a new 4-year planning worksheet, download a new one here: class of 2021class of 2022, and class of 2023.)

We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions about advising that you may have some of the answers you are seeking.

Registration can always be a busy, or even stressful time. This registration period may be even more stressful, given the circumstances. We will all face a variety of challenges, but we do not face them alone. Please be in touch with us in Fulton 315, as well as with your faculty advisors. We are truly sorry that this has interrupted your college experience, but we will continue to be here for you.


Undergraduate Dean's Office

Carroll School of Management

Boston College