Service Projects

2019 Jenks Leadership Program Service Projects

The culmination of the Jenks Leadership program is the service project. In teams of 4-6, Jenks participants design and execute a service project during the third module of their Jenks experience, using the skills and tools they have learned during their first two modules. Rather than assign a project to each team, students are given the opportunity, as a group, to choose an issue they are passionate about and come up with a creative approach to effecting change.


Jenks X Boston Medical Center

BC Lax Has Your Back: Forming a Service Partnership with Harlem Lacrosse Boston

Our project focused on establishing a partnership between Boston College and Harlem Lacrosse. Harlem Lacrosse’s mission is to empower the children who are most at risk for academic decline and dropout to rise above their challenges and reach their full potential. Harlem Lacrosse inspires children to dream about tomorrow while working hard on the field and in the classroom today. Through a shared love of the sport, our group was able to utilize Jenk’s resources and personal connections to bring together Boston College Women’s Club Lacrosse and Harlem Lacrosse Boston in an inaugural clinic co-hosted by JLP and BC Women’s Club Lacrosse. Moving forward, both teams are excited for future opportunities to collaborate together and further foster the relationship with the understanding that such a partnership and its implications stretch far beyond the lacrosse field.

Extreme Makeover: St. Francis House Edition

Our project, Extreme Makeover: St. Francis House Edition, focused on expanding the capabilities of the St. Francis House Clothing Center in downtown Boston. Clothing distribution centers require extensive maintenance, and many have been shut down. Thus, the need for quick and efficient access to clothing for the homeless and underserved is a growing need in the urban Boston area. Working closely with the St. Francis House staff, our group accomplished three goals: (1) improved the infrastructure through transforming the clothing storage space, (2) implemented an inventory system to track clothing going in and out, (3) and developed a strong relationship with BC service groups to provide more volunteers to focus on sorting and organizing the storage rooms. Ultimately, our team provided not only physical clothing, but also a sense of compassion and care for those most disadvantaged in our society.

Farming a Sustainable Lifestyle

We have partnered with Newton Community Farm, a local nonprofit and the last working farm in Newton, to encourage sustainable living in our community. The farm aims to educate on sustainable agricultural and environmental practices through workshops, kids’ camps, and daily farm visits. They provide locally grown produce through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, their farm stand, Newton farmers markets, and donations to local food pantries. We have teamed with Newton Community Farm to create a guide to sustainable living that will serve as a curriculum as well as a channel to raise awareness and promote the efforts of the farm.

Coursework to Careers: A Mentorship Initiative

Our group identified the lack of resources available to underclassmen enrolled in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences in terms of continued, informal peer mentorship in areas related to career path exploration and extracurricular interests. Jesuit pedagogy at Boston College focuses on the inherent value found in self-reflection, and the senior class seems particularly attuned to sharing their personal insights with peers as they prepare to transition to life beyond BC. Hoping to draw on this aspect of the senior experience, our group collaborated with the Career Center to initiate a Senior Speaker Panel and a Mentor Matching Initiative. The panel featured five seniors with unique academic and pre-professional insights and was geared toward an audience of MCAS underclassmen. The Matching Initiative will serve as an extension of our panel, supported by the formation of an online platform that will connect upperclassmen mentor volunteers with underclassmen mentees. It is our hope that authentic connections will form amongst mentors and mentees, and these relationships will continue to develop in the semesters to come.

Eagle Allies: Partnering with BC Students with Chronic Illness and Physical Disabilities

Our project serves to improve ally relations with our fellow eagles living with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses. To do so, our group worked to provide a space and resources for a new support group on campus to promote community and self-advocacy for the necessary improvements on campus. We also created a document of the available resources on campus for disabled students to be acquired at Orientation, through the Office of First Year Experience and Disability Services.  

Creating Music Opportunities at Thomas Edison K-8

Music had a profound effect on each of our lives, particularly on our personal development through middle and high school. Unfortunately, access to music education and opportunities to perform music can be hard to come by for children in low income communities. We collaborated with Boston College’s Music Outreach program and music students at Boston College to develop an introductory music education program consisting of eight modules designed to assist student music teachers in introducing younger students to basic music subjects such as singing, rhythm, and piano. The program will be implemented at the Thomas Edison K-8 School in Brighton, MA by student teachers from the Music Outreach program at Boston College.

Past Service Projects