Service Projects

2021 Jenks Leadership Program Service Projects

The majority of the Class of 2021’s Jenks programming was conducted virtually, and very early on we knew that all projects would have to be confined on campus. Given the recent division and upheaval that has plagued our nation and communities, we decided to focus on ways to make our own BC community more inclusive. The theme of this year’s projects was Love and Inclusion at Boston College. Students were put in groups with peers who shared their love language and as a team created projects with the intent of making all students at Boston College feel like  they belong here.

Eagle Alliance

The goal of our project is to foster a sense of community within the freshman class while simultaneously adhering to the pandemic guidelines at the college, state, and federal levels. By focusing on freshmen, the group most negatively affected by the new state of college, we can reinvigorate the values of Boston College, like attentiveness, intelligence, and responsibility. In order for the group to form personal and communal relationships, we created a program to match like-minded freshmen who will spend time together doing activities they enjoy—whether getting coffee or exploring Boston. Ensuring these groups spend quality time together will be the greatest accomplishment of our project and will provide hope for everlasting relationships and a restoration of Boston College values.

Peers Talk: Power & Privilege

Our group will host three 3-part workshops to discuss Privilege and Civil Discourse. When deciding our project, we wanted to address the pressing issues of social injustice. Addressing this topic incorporates our love language of Acts of Service because we want to improve the situations of marginalized groups on campus. Our presentations are designed to draw people in and prove to them that they can be part of the solution. To do so, we must use words of affirmation and other statements that reinforce our audience’s belief in their own ability to contribute to this cause. As a general theme, our project reflects love because we are seeking to promote equality for marginalized groups and instill empathy in those who may have a closed mind when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion. In terms of inclusion, this is the essence of our entire project, as we are seeking to promote a more racially inclusive culture at Boston College.

Eagle Budget

“Love of neighbor” is the goal of a Jesuit education, to produce “men and women for others,” and that extends into the service project our team has developed. Our goal is to better serve the Boston College community through the creation of a budgeting app. In creating our project, we collected information from students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, including but not limited to students in BC’s Montserrat Program, which serves low-income students, first-year and second-year students, and various campus clubs. The information we gathered has allowed us to cater our app to a wider population of BC students and help them plan for their weekend, weekly, or monthly spending. Ultimately, our service project is a physical expression of “love of neighbor,” and we hope that when students open the app to plan their spending they feel their needs are being served and recognized. 

Building Community Worldwide

The international student community at Boston College faces many challenges when transitioning onto campus. Not only are they starting a brand-new chapter of their lives, they are in an unfamiliar environment and are often distanced from the normal support networks they would seek out at home. We hope to meet this need by assisting the Office of International Student Services (OISS) in creating new initiatives to engage our international student community. We will be creating ways to better promote the International Assistants (IA) program as well as advertising the other services OISS offers. We hope this will help create a centralized online presence where international students can visit and share their voices. Moreover, by partnering with the OISS, we hope to develop new programming within the IA program that is more attuned to the needs and concerns of first-year international students. 

Past Service Projects