Research Updates

Mary Ann Glynn has been invited to contribute to a forthcoming essay, “15 Days to Slow the Spread: COVID-19 and Collective Resilience,” to the special forum in the Journal of Management Studies on COVID-19, Global Pandemics, and the Future of Management Studies.

Richard Nielsen has been named by the Society for Business Ethics as one of the “Academic Pioneers in Business Ethics.” He has recently published articles on whistleblowing (Administration and Society) and ethics framing (Business and Professional Ethics Journal).

Mike Pratt has published an article examining how CEOs express their corporate purpose and the mistakes they often make (Strategy + Business). With BC PhD alum, Lily Crosina, his Academy of Management Journal paper, “Toward a Model of Organizational Mourning: The Case of Former Lehman Brother Bankers,” was a finalist for best paper.

Bess Rouse’s paper (with Bill Kahn of BU), examining how middle leaders may inhibit or perpetuate toxicity depending on what routines they enact, was accepted at the Academy of Management Journal. 

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