BC PhD student Jacob Brown recently published:   Qin, X., Liu, X., Brown, J. A., Zheng, X., & Owens, B. P.  2019. “Humility Harmonized? Exploring Whether and How Leader and Employee Humility (In) Congruence Influences Employee Citizenship and Deviance Behaviors,” Journal of Business Ethics, 1-19.

Professor Mary Tripsas published:  Zuzul, T. & M. Tripsas, 2019.  “Start-up Inertia and Founder Identity in a Nascent Industry,” Administrative Science Quarterly, 1-39.

Professors Jean Bartunek, Mike Pratt, and Mary Ann Glynn recently co-authored a paper:  Bartunek, J., Elsbach, K.D., Bell, E., Markides, C., Costas, M., Christianson, M., Sutcliffe, K., Pratt, M.G., Coyle-Shapiro, J., Glynn, M., Ocasio, W., Burton, D., & Vantresca, M. 2019.  “Theorizing about an AOM President’s Response to Crisis and the Counter Responses it Evoked.” Journal of Management Inquiry, 28(3): 276-282.

This past spring Professor Richard Spinello published his business ethics book, Business Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Cases, with Sage.

Richard Nielsen’s chapter on “How Can Observers Effectively and Safely Engage With Unethical Organizational Behaviors?” has been published in Research in Business Ethics: Business And Society 360,  David Wasieleski and James Weber, Eds.. London: Emerald Publishing Limited, 2019, pp. 211-240.

Simona Giorgi’s and Richard Nielsen’s article, “Social Situational Business Ethics Framing For Engaging With Ethics Issues,” has been accepted for publication in Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 2020.