Winston Center Voices


The Winston Center stands united with the AAPI Community to condemn hate and racism.

Together We Can Stop It

1. Watch this video
2. Read a summary of Anti-Asian sentiment and hate crime
3. Learn about the history of US racism against Asian Americans

Black Lives Matter

The Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics like many around the world grieves with the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other men and women who have experienced and continue to endure hate and violence because of the color of their skin. We believe that Black lives matter, and we stand with the Black community and all of those who are fighting for justice on our campus, across our nation, and around the world to dismantle the legacy of oppression and systemic racism. 

As we go through these challenging times, we are reminded about how important it is to have and maintain dialogue that address issues of discrimination, white privilege, racism and the trauma that accompanies it. At the Winston Center we bring to campus speakers with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and we remain committed to continuing on this path, and engaging in these courageous conversations with our students and the rest of the BC community. Racism does not just affect Black people and other People Of Color, it affects all of us. We have to be committed as a community to be agents of change. Together we will move closer to becoming a just and equal nation.

Say Their Names!

I’ve been overcome with so many emotions...

I’ve cried and felt hopeless but as time has progressed, I’m beginning to feel optimistic by the amount of overwhelming support the Black Lives Matter movement has gained. I spend my days signing petitions and educating myself on the deep rooted systemic racism that exists in our country. I highly recommend reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander which goes into depth about mass incarceration in the age of the colorblindness. It provides a historical approach to the frustrations and unjust treatment that Black Americans experience on a daily basis.
Mikayla, Class of 2023

Let us move forward with hope, love, and determination in our hearts

I think, and I know, that it will be imperative for us all to lean into any discomfort we may feel when witnessing, discussing, and educating ourselves on racism and privilege in our own social circles, as well as in society. I personally have a lot of books to read, films to watch, podcasts to subscribe to, and conversations to have with my own family and friends in order to better educate myself on how to be actively antiracist.
Claire, Class of 2021