What We Do

Strengthening Schools Through Leadership Development

Schools today face a pressing leadership crisis: Up to 50% of principals resign by their third year, while 24 of 25 teachers list leadership as the top factor in their own longevity at a school. LLA addresses this crisis by increasing the number of high-performing school leaders and mobilizing a critical mass to strengthen schools, systems, and communities.

Through our flagship Fellowship program—which integrates intensive professional development with in-person coaching—and other program offerings, we build the capacity of principals and create a pipeline of new school leaders. As they individually and collectively increase their leadership skills and knowledge, these leaders design and implement initiatives that improve student outcomes and disrupt inequity.

Program Offerings

Program Offerings: Fellowship for Aspiring Principals, Fellowship for Sitting Principals, Alumni Coaching, Micro Academics, District Consulting & Collaboration

We believe principals must build a culture of achievement and excellence in their school, which requires unparalleled instructional leadership, exceptional executive management, and an unwavering commitment to equity.

To cultivate this culture of achievement, we advance rigorous curricula, effective teacher coaching, and data-driven instruction, with a focus on leading people through change via facilitative and adaptive leadership, and a belief in the genius of every student.

The LLA Fellowship

The 14-month Fellowship experience equips leaders to dramatically increase achievement and outcomes for students in under-resourced communities, and to lead through change to foster and build upon equity in their school communities.

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Intensive and innovative, these yearlong programs enhance skills in specific aspects of educational and executive leadership. They incorporate application-based professional development with individualized coaching.

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Lynch Leadership Academy doesn't just focus on one aspect of leadership. Of course, it focuses on data-driven instruction, but also on having conversations about race and inequity, which are central to driving learning outcomes.
Gene Roundtree, Headmaster, Boston Public Schools (LLA Cohort IV)