Advisory Committee

Expert Guidance for Sustained Excellence

Lynch Leadership Academy benefits tremendously from the invaluable contributions of our Advisory Committee. These committee members leverage their insights, experience, and vision to help shape programs and strategy, and they play a vital role in the long-term success of LLA.

Will Austin, Chief Executive Officer, Boston Schools Fund

Andy Boynton, Dean of the Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Thabiti Brown, Head of School, Codman Academy Charter School, Cohort I

Leldamy Correa, Chief of Staff to the Commissioner of Education, Cohort V

Nick Cuomo, Principal, St.John Paul II Catholic Academy-Neponset, Cohort V

Katie Everett, Executive Director, The Lynch Foundation

Rick Spillane, Treasurer & Trustee, The Lynch Foundation

Stanton Wortham, Dean of the Lynch School of Education, Boston College