Alumni Coaching & Professional Development

Continued Support for Continual Improvement

After completing the LLA Fellowship, school leaders can continue to amplify their work through individualized coaching with a Leadership Coach.

This fee-for-service program focuses on a particular initiative or sustained executive coaching. Together, the LED and the school leader construct a plan of work specifically designed to advance the culture of achievement at the leader’s school. School leaders set their targets for the year, and the program includes continual benchmarking and monitoring with multiple data points to assess progress.

Leadership Pathways

The school leader and Leadership Coach tailor the hours of coaching, its scope, and timing to the leader’s needs and goals. School leaders can choose from three pathways, each of which balances in-person and video coaching. Pathways include:

Focus Initiative

  • One-to-three coaching cycles lasting 4–8 weeks
  • A targeted focus featuring frequent coaching and feedback
  • Best suited to spur incremental or episodic change

Extended Leadership Coaching

  • Full days or half-days of support, offered monthly or quarterly
  • Focused on continual growth and improvement
  • Builds on success through continual and dramatic change

Coaching and Professional Development

  • One or two coaching cycles lasting 4–8 weeks with periodic support and professional development session attendance
  • Concentrated on key components of instructional leadership, equity, and/or organizational management
  • Includes professional development sessions
  • Flexible to accommodate incremental, episodic change or continual and dramatic change