COVID-19: Crisis, Yet Opportunity

Leadership for Equity & Excellence During COVID-19 and Always 

The LLA Team has compiled best practices, webinars, and tools for school leaders to use as they navigate their COVID-19 responses. Access the site here.


COVID-19 Resources

LLA is committed to supporting the work of educators during these unprecedented times. See below for new content from the LLA Community. If you are a member of the LLA community and are finding successful strategies and would like to share, please contact the LLA team at


LLA Webinar: Scope and Sequence in the Context of Remote Learning

LLA Cohort VII alum Julia Bott, Principal of Mendell Elementary School, Boston Public Schools, identifies key leadership levers in defining a standard of excellence for remote learning across content areas. View the webinar here.

LLA Webinar: Planning for Next Year Through the Uncertainty of COVID-19

LLA Cohort VI alum Farida Graham, Principal of KIPP Academy Lynn Middle School, shares best practices for planning for the 2020-2021 school year through COVID-19. View the webinar here.


LLA Webinar: Recruitment and Enrollment in the Midst of Remote Learning

LLA Cohort III alum Ali Dutson, Principal of Mission Grammar School, Archdiocese of Boston, shares how her school is moving through the challenges of recruitment and enrollment remotely. View the webinar here.

LLA Interview with Cohort IX Fellow Lisa Lineweaver: COVID-19 School Management Strategies

LLA Cohort IX Fellow Lisa Lineweaver is the Principal of the Kelly Elementary School in Chelsea, MA. Here she shares what's been working and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. View the video here.