Cohort X 2020-21

Photo of Fay Alexander

Fay Alexander

Assistant Principal, KIPP Academy, Lynn

Photo of Jillian Boudreau

Jillian Boudreau

Assistant Principal, Immaculate Conception School

Photo of Alex Chery

Alex Chery

Principal Fellow, Bates Elementary School

Photo of Tracy Ciulla Monteiro

Tracy Ciulla Monteiro

Assistant Dean, Brockton High School

Photo of Frangie Cruz

Frangie Cruz

Principal Fellow, Kenney Elementary School

Photo of Taylor DeLoach

Taylor DeLoach

Principal, Alma del Mar Charter School, Frederick Douglass Campus

Photo of Kelly Doherty

Kelly Doherty

Administrator, Waltham Public Schools

Photo of Tonika Feliciano

Tonika Feliciano

Assistant Principal, Chestnut Middle School

Photo of Emma Fialka-Feldman

Emma Fialka-Feldman

Principal Fellow, Mozart Elementary School

Photo of Derek George

Derek George

Principal Fellow, Kuss Middle School

Photo of Cynthia Gerena

Cynthia Gerena

Instructional Leadership Specialist, Joseph Metcalf School

Photo of Elizabeth Hutchison

Elizabeth Hutchison

Educational Specialist, St. Stanislaus School

Photo of Rachel Jean-Louis

Rachel Jean-Louis

Middle School Principal, Community Charter School of Cambridge

Photo of Brittney Lavoie

Brittney Lavoie

Principal, Memorial Middle School

Photo of Megan Leahy

Megan Leahy

Principal Fellow, Catholic Memorial High School

Photo of Kristi Lucks

Kristi Lucks

Principal Fellow, English High School

Photo of Nampeera Lugira

Nampeera Lugira

Principal, Cathedral High School

Photo of Earl Martin

Earl Martin

Principal, Waterford Street School

Photo of Renee McCall

Renee McCall

Head of School, Excel High School

Photo of Daniel Mckoy

Daniel Mckoy

Principal Fellow, Mather Elementary School

Photo of Albert Mercado

Albert Mercado

Principal, Reingold Elementary School

Photo of Bruce Mitchitson

Bruce Mitchitson

Principal, Golden Hill Elementary School

Photo of Tessie Mower

Tessie Mower

Principal, Lynn English High School

Photo of Marybeth O'Brien

Marybeth O'Brien

Principal, Huntington & Gilmore Elementary School

Photo of Brian Raposo

Brian Raposo

Principal, Talbot Middle School

Photo of Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott

Assistant Principal, Fitchburg High School

Photo of Michelle Simon

Michelle Simon

Principal Fellow, Josiah Quincy Lower School

Photo of Julie Sizer

Julie Sizer

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Codman Academy Charter School

Photo of Melissa Spash

Melissa Spash

Principal, Lawrence High School- Lower School Academy, Grade 9

Photo of Tamii Stras

Tamii Stras

Assistant Principal, Haverhill High School

Photo of Sarita Thomas

Sarita Thomas

Principal, Trotter Elementary School

Photo of Sarah Wahl

Sarah Wahl

Director of Teacher Development & Adult Learning, Prospect Hill Academy Charter School