Cohort V 2015-16

Photo of Marlena Afonso

Marlena Afonso

Head of Operations, Bentley Elementary School

Photo of Natalie Ake

Natalie Ake

Principal, Ellison/Parks Early Education School

Photo of Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson

Principal, Davis Leadership Academy

Photo of Kristen Ando

Kristen Ando

Co-Leader for Curriculum and Instruction, Oliver Partnership School

Photo of Dave Angeramo

Dave Angeramo

Principal, Salem High School

Photo of Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown

Aspiring Principal Resident, South Boston Catholic Academy

Photo of Jason Colombino

Jason Colombino

Assistant Principal, Collins Middle School

Photo of Leldamy Correa

Leldamy Correa

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Lawrence High School

Photo of Nick Cuomo

Nick Cuomo

Aspiring Principal Resident, Pope John Paul II-Neponset

Photo of Carmen Davis

Carmen Davis

Aspiring Principal Resident, Mozart Elementary School

Photo of Joanna Davis

Joanna Davis

Lead Teacher, Match Middle School

Photo of Jonathan Diamond

Jonathan Diamond

Dean of Students, Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School

Photo of Yeshi Gaskin Lamour

Yeshi Gaskin Lamour

Principal, Holmes Elementary School

Photo of Katie Grassa

Katie Grassa

Principal, Curley K-8 School

Photo of Kristen Goncalves

Kristen Goncalves

Aspiring Principal Resident, J.P. Manning School

Photo of Elvis Henriquez

Elvis Henriquez

Aspiring Principal Resident, Warren/Prescott K-8 School

Photo of Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes

Principal, Match Middle School

Photo of Jean Larrabee

Jean Larrabee

Principal, West Zone Early Elementary School

Photo of Sarah McLaughlin

Sarah McLaughlin

Principal, Frost Elementary School

Photo of Elise Mostello

Elise Mostello

Academic Dean, Conservatory Lab Charter School

Photo of Deb Opar

Deb Opar

K-6 Literacy Coordinator, Prospect Hill Academy

Photo of Dan Price

Dan Price

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Malden Catholic High School

Photo of Robert Rametti

Robert Rametti

Principal, Edwards Middle School

Photo of Tabitha Redding

Tabitha Redding

Resident Aspiring Principal, Mission Grammar School

Photo of Claire Rheaume

Claire Rheaume

Aspiring Principal Resident, Eliot K-8 School

Photo of Deborah Rooney

Deborah Rooney

Principal, Lyon K-8 School

Photo of Adam Stumacher

Adam Stumacher

Aspiring Principal Resident, Henderson K-12 School

Photo of Kim Wall

Kim Wall

Principal, City on a Hill New Bedford