Cohort IV 2014-15

Photo of Stacy Andrade

Stacy Andrade

Principal, Lawrence Catholic Academy

Photo of Cristin Berry

Cristin Berry

Principal, City on a Hill I

Photo of Emily Bryan

Emily Bryan

Resident Fellow, Boston Public Schools

Photo of Erin Borthwick

Erin Borthwick

Principal, Wolfgang Mozart Elementary School

Photo of Stacy Ciprich

Stacy Ciprich

Assistant Principal, Lawrence High School

Photo of Brett Dickens

Brett Dickens

Principal, Boston Community Leadership Academy

Photo of John Elder

John Elder

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Phoenix Academy Lawrence

Photo of Jocelyn Goodwin

Jocelyn Goodwin

Assistant Principal, Match Community Day Charter School

Photo of Sara Hosmer

Sara Hosmer

Principal, Martin E. Young School

Photo of Michelle Knoebel

Michelle Knoebel

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Boston Renaissance Charter Public School

Photo of Karen McCarthy

Karen McCarthy

Principal, Curtis Guild Elementary

Photo of Eileen McLaughlin

Eileen McLaughlin

Principal, Mount Alvernia High School

Photo of Sarah Morland

Sarah Morland

High School Principal, Boston Collegiate Charter School

Photo of Mark O'Connor

Mark O'Connor

Resident Fellow, Boston Public Schools

Photo of Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino

Principal, Gardner High School

Photo of Katie Pereira

Katie Pereira

Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Excel Academy Orient Heights

Photo of Sonya Pratt-Masso

Sonya Pratt-Masso

Principal, City on a Hill II

Photo of Adam Renda

Adam Renda

Principal, Crocker Elementary School

Photo of Gene Roundtree

Gene Roundtree

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Eliot K-8 Innovation School

Photo of Velecia Saunders

Velecia Saunders

Headmaster, McKinley Schools

Photo of Maureen Simmons

Maureen Simmons

Principal, St. Agatha School

Photo of Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

Lower School Principal, Boston Collegiate Charter School

Photo of Patrick Tutwiler

Patrick Tutwiler

Headmaster, Brighton High School

Photo of Rochelle Valdez

Rochelle Valdez

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Joseph J. Hurley K-8 School

Photo of Andrew Vega

Andrew Vega

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Phineas Bates Elementary School

Photo of Lisa Warshafsky

Lisa Warshafsky

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Mission Grammar School

Photo of Meghan Welch

Meghan Welch

Aspiring Principal Fellow, Harvard-Kent Elementary School

Photo of Gerald Yung

Gerald Yung

Principal, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School