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Christine O'Brien



Business Law and Society


Professor Christine Neylon O'Brien has a special interest in labor and employment law issues as she interned at Region 1 of the National Labor Relations Board and specialized in this practice area at a Boston law firm prior to embarking on an academic career. In addition to her research on labor and employment law topics, Professor O’Brien has published articles on many business law topics involving statutory conflicts, Constitutional issues, technology and trade secrets, accountants’ liability, and on pedagogical issues. Professor O’Brien’s research on Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act was cited in four opinions of the National Labor Relations Board 2014-2017. Her writing on after-acquired evidence in employment discrimination cases has been cited in three decisions by the Courts of Appeal for the Eighth and Tenth Circuits as well as by federal district courts. Her work on pregnancy discrimination was cited in a New Jersey Supreme Court opinion and her article on employees’ ‘Weingarten’ right to representation in a disciplinary setting has been cited by numerous state courts and employment relations boards.  Her research is frequently cited in leading law journals, in business and law news outlets such as Bloomberg BNA, and is a constant top ten download on the Social Science Research Network, with several of her articles designated all-time top ten in Labor & Employment. Her 2016 St. John’s Law Review article on workplace profanity was featured in the Sunday New York Times, Feb. 14, 2016 by Phyllis Korkki, Fired for Cursing on the Job, Testing the Limits of Labor Law.