Consumer Insights Panel Lab

Faculty and students gather around a computer

Consumer Insights Panel Lab founders Nailya Ordabayeva, seated at left, and Hristina Nikolova of the Carroll School of Management celebrate with colleagues at the lab’s opening on January 25., 2016 (Lee Pellegrini)

The Consumer Insights Panel is designed to bring faculty and students together in a collaborative effort to advance behavioral and marketing research. The panel allows students the opportunity to participate in the most current studies in the field—that are regularly published in various prestigious academic journals—while obtaining valuable knowledge about the most innovative marketing theories today. The studies take place in BC’s state-of-the-art Consumer Insights Panel Lab designed for behavioral and marketing research, and they involve decisions focused on both individual and group consumer activities. Most studies that take place during the semester are open to students enrolled in the Marketing Principles and Customer Research courses, while some studies are also open to all interested students and staff. Prospective participants need to create an account on the online Sona system ( in a few quick and easy steps. The Consumer Insights Panel is a great opportunity for students to have a positive experience while contributing to and learning about cutting-edge research, and it is an instrumental research endeavor for the BC faculty.


G. Ceren (Gerry) Aksu

G. Ceren (Gerry) Aksu

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

CIP Lab Coordinator

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