Love Your Body Week

A week to promote body awareness and healthy body image at BC

Love Your Body Week (LYBW) is a week of programming dedicated to promoting healthy body image on the Boston College campus. The week is hosted every fall semester by the Women's Center and provides a time for students to consider their relationships with their bodies.

Programs aim to educate and provide resources about the following:

  • Body image issues specific to certain groups of people due to race, class, or gender
  • The media's influence on body image
  • How to have a healthy and positive relationship with one's own body

The week culminates in a performative reading of a compilation of Eve Ensler’s work on body image.

After attending one or more LYBW activities, students will be better able to:

  • Recognize what characterizes healthy and unhealthy relationships with one’s body
  • Identify strategies and develop a motivation to build a healthier relationship with one’s body and transform their way of thinking
  • Evaluate the false and problematic ways that our society and media presents the body and manipulates our understanding of beauty.

Program Events