UGBC is an organization designed to connect students to support networks among their peers and across the whole campus. Browse through the files and directories linked below to learn how UGBC serves as a resource for the Boston College community.

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LGBTQ Resources

Spectrum Weekend Retreat

Spectrum is a confidential, free weekend away for LGBTQ students. In this welcoming environment, participants will be encouraged to engage in conversation and reflection about their personal identities and to discern who they are and who they are called to be at Boston College and beyond.

The weekend also builds community among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students, staff, and faculty at Boston College. Every year, participants say that the retreat was transformational, with many claiming it was their best experience at BC thus far.

Space is limited, so we encourage you to register ASAP, as we reserve on a first come, first served basis with preference toward those who have never attended Spectrum.

Save the Date! 

Spectrum 2020
February 7–9

Lavender Graduation

Lavender Graduation is a celebration that recognizes LGBTQ students of all backgrounds and acknowledges their contributions to the University. Graduating seniors from all different LGTBQ & Ally groups on campus are recognized by The Office of Student Outreach and Support Services and the Rainbow Alliance for their leadership, successes, and overall commitment and contributions to the LGTBQ community. Through such recognition, LGBTQ students may leave Boston College with a positive final experience, filling them with pride both in themselves, and in their college experiences.  

Visit the Office of Student Outreach and Support Services for updates on the 2020 celebration!


LGBTQ Resource Guide and Training

The Office of Student Outreach and Support Services (SOSS) is proud to offer training to anyone listed in our Boston College LGBTQ Resource Guide to ensure competence and confidence when working with our LGBTQ students! Moreover, we're happy to offer our training to any department or office that would like us to work with their faculty and/or staff.  Our sessions can be tailored to your needs in terms of length and content, and will cover many topics affecting LGBTQ identity construction so that you can be the best possible resource for LGBTQ students at BC.  Contact Angelique Bradford or Caroline Davis for more information.

LGBTQ&A Sessions

Our LGBTQ&A sessions were born out of our Spectrum Retreat when our students wanted to extend conversation around a range of topics specific to LGBTQ identity construction. Accordingly, we now offer six sessions a year on various topics that are relevant for our LGBTQ students.  In a casual space over refreshments, we'll engage in meaningful discussion with friends, peers, and knowledgable guest speakers and panelists around issues facing our LGBTQ students today. For more information, contact Angelique Bradford.


LGBTW Film Series

The Office of Student Outreach and Support Services is proud to sponsor the screening of some LGBTQ-themed films and engage in meaningful discussion afterwards over refreshments.  Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join us as we watch everything from historical LGBTQ documentaries to powerful LGBTQ dramas and hilarious comedies and discuss how the issues presented relate to LGBTQ identity construction at Boston College and beyond.  

Community Dinners

Once a month, the Office of Student Outreach and Support Services is thrilled to host "Community Dinner Night."  Breaking bread together provides the perfect casual and welcoming forum for members of the LGBTQ student body to come together and share their student experiences, all while building a more robust LGBTQ community on campus. 

Open Houses

Come one, come all to our LGBTQ Open House! A couple times a semester, Office of Student Outreach and Support Services is happy to host an Open House for LGBTQ students as a chance for them to engage with BC peers, staff, and faculty.  Regardless of the role you play on campus, come join us for coffee, tea, and snacks and get to know our amazing LGBTQ students.

Prism and Horizon Drop In Discussions

The Office of Student Outreach and Support Services offers private, reflective, and welcoming spaces for LGBTQ students to meet and engage in meaningful discussion around identity development in support groups facilitated by graduate students. Horizon (gay, bi trans, queer, genderqueer, and/or other male-identified students) and Prism (lesbian, bi, trans queer, genderqueer, and/or other female-identified students) meet weekly for an hour and are open to anyone who wants a confidential and comfortable space to interact with peers exploring similar issues around what it means to identify as LGBTQ at BC and in the world. Gender-nonbinary, agender, bigender, gender-fluid, and genderqueer students are welcome in the group of their choice. No appointments, formal arrangements, or commitments necessary--drop by whenever the support group is meeting and we'll be there waiting to welcome you with open arms, hearts, and minds!

Pride Peers

A program that pairs LGBTQ+ students with LGBTQ Peers and/or LGBTQ student Mentors, creating spaces to bond and reflect on sexual and gender identity.  Additionally, Pride Peer Presenters educate the BC community through their Hall Talks program. Contact us for more information about joining Pride Peers - a program dedicated to supporting queer students and connecting them to their queer peers here at BC.

Student Clubs and Organizations

GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC)
A governing body of UGBC focused on GLBTQ+ and Allied Issues

Allies of Boston College
A group of LGBTQ+ and straight students working to foster a better community for everyone

Health and Wellness

Lean On Me

Lean On Me is a non-emergency mental health hotline that automatically and anonymously matches peers to create crowd-sourced texting networks Lean On Me is an anonymous, non-emergency, student-run mental health support text hotline here at BC. If you’re feeling stressed, lonely, sad, or just need someone to talk to, you can text us at 617-553-6655 to be confidentially connected to a trained peer-supporter. We’re here to listen. If you have any questions about Lean On Me, please visit our website at

Connect with Us Online

Free Expression Form Reporting

This reporting form serves multiple purposes:

  • To allow the Boston College community a private and efficient means to report incidents of restrictions on free expression they have experienced or witnessed. 
  • To assist those who have have their expression rights infringed upon, and provide a means for the UGBC to voice these concerns to the appropriate administrators. 
  • To document incidents and concerns as a means to track patterns, and to eventually create policy change that address the restrictions on free expression in our community.

Free Expression Reporting Forms