Boston College Recovery Housing (BCRH) is a residential community within the BC campus for students who have made a commitment to their recovery from substance dependence and long term sobriety. Through a structured, supportive, substance free, and enriching environment, students can maintain sobriety while continuing to develop as individuals, thrive academically, build supportive relationships, and inspire others by continuing the mission of hope to those entering recovery.

BCRH intentionally integrates a holistic understanding of addiction with Boston College’s formational mission into a community based residential collegiate recovery program.  The BCRH program is strongly routed in a 12-Step tradition, and is integrated with elements of Jesuit Spirituality.


Program Expectations:

  • Active 12-Step Participation
  • Goal of developing long-term recovery
  • No consumption of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Engagement in Sponsorship
  • Participation in community service project

How to Apply:

  • Achieve 60 days of sobriety
  • Complete BCRH Application
  • Recommendation letters
  • Personal Statement (1-2 pages)

The Bottom Line:

Maintaining sobriety and entering a life of recovery on a college campus is difficult - but it is not impossible. With the right environment and support, students are able to stay committed to their personal goals and continue to develop both as students and strong individuals.