1. Log into the Agora Portal 
  2. Select My Services. 
  3. Select My ResLife.
Agora Portal

4. Enter StarRez.

Agora Portal

5. Select Web Forms. If this is your first time entering the StarRez Portal, you must register before accessing any Web Forms.

Agora Portal

6. Select Transitions (Early Arrivals & Extensions).

Agora Portal

7. Under Apply for Early Arrival or Apply for Extension, make your selections. then click Apply.

Agora Portal

8. Fill in the appropriate fields, then click Save and Continue.

9. You should then see a Transition Confirmation page.

Please Note: our office collaborates with many other parts of the university to set the schedule of events for our Fall Opening.  In order to be sure that all dates of events serve the needs of all our partners, the Office of Residential Life waits until the end of the month of June to update this page with the  upcoming academic year's Opening schedule.

End Of Year Closing Group Creation Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018

Latest Extension May, 21,2018

Group Administrators

  • Groups must be sponsored by a department in order to be considered for extension housing and/or early arrivals. Not all groups will be approved.
  • Group Administrators must be Boston College Faculty or Staff. They cannot be Undergraduate or Graduate Students.
  • Group administrators are responsible for the conduct of their group's members. Any incidents that occur during an extension and/or early arrival period will result in the involved student's immediate removal from housing and may jeopardize the ability for the group to be approved for future extensions and/or early arrivals. Please remind your group's members that adherence to University policies is critical for the success of the group and that no exceptions to this policy will be made.
  • Group administrators must create their group online via the Agora Portal. To do this, click on the "My Services" tab > "My ResLife" > "Web Forms" > "Group Transitions" > "Create Group"
  • If for some reason your group needs to arrive or depart outside the standard dates, please include in your comments the complete details of your situation. Requesting a date outside the normal range may delay the processing of your group. Group approval is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of The Office ofResidential Life.
  • Once you create your group, it must be approved by Residential Life before your students can apply as part of your group. Once your group is approved, your students should use the above instructions for applying as part of your group.
  • Group administrators must approve their list of group members before the students' applications are reviewed.
  • Utilize the link below for Instructions on how to create and manage a Group Transition

Click Here

Please allow up to 3 business days for all processing.